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Instagram Gives Unfollow Suggestions in New ‘Following Categories’ – Updates 2020



14 2020

Instagram’s new update is in global news. A mixed reaction is everywhere but we will here analyze this update on fact.

First, we will understand what this update has for users.

In this update a new category is added in the following list of the profile, now one can sort the list of followers & following people with the interactions with the profile. Least interacted profile & most interacted profiles will appear in a separately sorted list. This list will be created by Instagram itself based on the crawling of your profile.

This update will allow us to maintain our Instagram profile more efficiently with the people who actually have an interaction with it. This list will be based on the past 90 days of data.

Instagram Gives Unfollow Suggestions

Now, the question arises that it’s been 16 years of Facebook, 10 years of Instagram neither of the platforms has given such an option to the users then why all of a sudden Instagram came up with an idea which can ultimately result in the dipping of the reach. We need to understand that social media platforms are evolving very fast & it has become very important for people to manage their profiles according to their personalized needs. In order to deliver the best experience to users, Instagram has introduced this feature.

As it is established fact that “ Change is the only constant in this world”; it is very likely that “In a day-to-day practice we often experience that we are following many people or businesses which are not in regular connection with us, these people end up in messing up the feed. This update allows users to keep their feed sorted, relevant & clean by splitting up the list in two parts one is “least interacted with” & other as “most shown in feed”.

If someone is boring and/or irritating and you don’t interact with them much it’s time to cut them off from the feed. 

Importance of this latest update: Instagram Gives Unfollow Suggestions

Instagram Gives Unfollow Suggestions

Content is King”

With this update, any business profile would be taking the content seriously. One has to update regular content to retain the reach & target the right audience in a specific time period. As not posting engaging content regularly will decrease the interaction with followers & this will lead to “least interacted with”  category resulting in increased unfollows from followers. Also, all grey hat techniques like “bots” will lose their performance creating Instagram as a cleaner & oriented social media platform & this will definitely boost the actual business performance. As this will help pages to target the audience more precisely. 

Why did it take so long for Instagram to introduce such a feature?

Instagram Gives Unfollow Suggestions

Nobody wants to target the particular people for their low engagement on social media & Instagram is not the exception as well. But soon they realized that to deliver the people what they are actually looking for, a quantified approach is necessary. Which can not only sort the traffic but also can provide the best user experience? With this update, Instagram will not be able to make scrolling a delightful experience but also increase the overall revenue of the company because of cut-throat competition to be a relevant category. 

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