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10 Important 2020 Social Media Trends



15 2020

Social Media – It is not just a word, for the Millennial this is a World for it. 

To say that most people spend a good part of their days on social media would not be an exaggeration. Not in today’s world. 

Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives and daily routines. Some people are so accustomed to it that the first thing they do after waking up is looking at their social media feeds. 

Consumers will see the importance of social media in life, marketers and business come on social platforms is expected to connect with their target customers. However, the content on social media is overloaded and the competition is very high. Unless you have a clear social media marketing strategy, it can be very difficult for you to stand up. 

Staying updated on the latest social media trends can boost your strategy and make you stand out in the crowd. Here are the top ten social media trends that you need to be aware of for 2020 and beyond. 


Today, Social media is constantly evolving. Isn’t it?

This is no longer a place for your family and friends to share your old and embarrassing photos every Friday. 

As a user, marketer or follower you need to learn how to properly use these platforms to your advantage. Being active on social media is huge, and it is absolutely essential for your survival. 

But this alone will not automatically make you successful. You need to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends and apply them to your business. 

Today marketing and social media go hand in hand. As we near the mid-point of 2018, I have taken the time to identify the top social trends of the year. 

We have analyzed data from previous years and determined whether the trends reflected a steady tilt. Also, even though the year is not over yet, we can see what new developments were most prominent in these early months. 

According to the report, we can predict that these trends will continue in the coming year as well. It is important for you and your brand to stay on top of things right now. 

Trend #1: Connection + Community + Experience

Remember when Facebook marketing was the easiest thing in the world? Someone could “like” a brand name, and then that Page could just spam them with updates four times a day?

Those days are long gone. Social media marketing is much more competitive, and there are a lot more challenges that need to be overcome, including declining organic reach and an audience that is more demanding than ever before.

Social media marketing has evolved, and the need to form real relationships with our followers has taken priority. Many brands are trying different strategies to do this, and we’ve seen a shift towards developing communities instead of just following.

Social media communities are the way of the future. In this post, we’re going to take a deep dive into why social media community building is so important, what it looks like, and how you can start to foster your own.

The benefits of delivering a great experience to customers include:

  • increased customer loyalty
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • better word-of-mouth marketing, positive reviews, and recommendations

Signs of a social media community include:

  • People enthusiastically sharing content about your brand.
  • Followers engaging with your brand and starting conversations on your own.
  • Having followers not only engage with your content but the content of their peers, too.
  • When people aren’t only using your page to complain about customer service; they’re also discussing or sharing industry news or tips, their personal experience, or tips they’ve learned.

Trend #2: Authentic Influencers

In recent years, we’ve seen the influencer marketing industry grow significantly. Brands are spending more and more on marketing strategies that use influencers and we estimate the industry as a whole to be between $ 5-10 billion by 2020.

Influencer marketing has proved to be one of the most effective forms of connecting with a community. In 2020, this strategy will still use many of the techniques and approaches that were popular in 2019. But there are key trends that brands should be aware of if they want to expand success in their influencer marketing strategy in 2020. Here are the most important trends we’re expecting to see in 2020.

  • Instagram Will Remain a Key Influencer Marketing Channel
  • Influencer Relationships with Brands will be Strategic and Less Transactional
  • UGC Will be King Across all Marketing Channels
  • The Number of Influencers Will Continue to Increase
  • The Demand for Authentic Content will Increase
  • Reaching Target Audiences Will Become Tougher because of Increasing Competition
  • Brands Can Now Choose between Micro-Influencers and Mega Influencers 

Trend #3: Diversify with TikTok, Reddit and more

“Facebook is no longer the one-stop-shop it used to be. Younger demographics are favoring the sister platform of Instagram, as well as TikTok and Snapchat”. 

Do you know? Reddit has this week provided an overview of its key performance stats and milestones for 2020 as part of its year in review – and there are some very interesting insights included within the various data points. 

Reddit’s main, broader usage points of note for the year are:

  • 450 million monthly active users
  • 199 million posts
  • 1.7 billion comments
  • 32 billion upvotes

Important to also know who the decision-makers are for your services as well, then pick your platforms. We don’t think any organization has enough resources to chase every new platform. Plus we have always admired and follow those organizations/brands that pick a platform and do it well rather than those who are on multiple platforms and erratic on them.

Trend #4: Reimagine Social Analytics

Reimagining Measurement:- Enhancing social impact through better monitoring, evaluation, and learning

Three straightforward principles—purpose, perspective, and alignment with other actors—can help the social sector reinvent its approach to measuring social impact, turning data into an asset that benefits both philanthropic organizations and those they seek to help.

Social sector organizations tackle some of the world’s most difficult and complex challenges on a daily basis. And, just as in other industries, getting the right data and information at the right time is essential to understanding what an organization needs to achieve, whether it is doing what it set out to do, and what impact its efforts are actually having.

Trend #5: Use Employee Advocacy to Your Advantage

When someone advocates for your brand or business, they extend the reach of your message by sharing it with their network. With an employee advocacy program, employees are the ones doing the advocating. 

Your employees already have social media profiles. They may even be on some platforms that your brand isn’t. And they definitely have followers that you don’t. Plus, they may already be sharing business content on their personal channels. Especially if they’re enthusiastic about their work or about showcasing their industry expertise. 

An employee advocacy program provides guidelines, resources, and rewards. It standardizes how employees share brand content and make it easier for them to do so. 

It’s not just the company that benefits. Employees get something out of advocacy too. They can enhance their credibility and position themselves as industry experts. For salespeople, an employee advocacy program can provide a great basis for social selling techniques. 

Trend #6: Get Creative: Stop Being Boring!

It’s hard to be heard on social media.

Tightening algorithms are crushing organic reach. You can’t outsmart bots or hack your way to success.

Plus, more content is being created every day (meaning more competition for your own posts). It’s not just other marketers you’re competing with, either. You’re fighting for attention against everything else folks can find on social media. 

So, what’s a busy marketer to do? 

The answer starts with honing their writing skills. Without sharp copy, it’s nearly impossible to cut through the noise and capture the user’s attention. 

Too often though, companies prioritize mechanics (such as timing and posting frequency) over craft and creativity. This leads to a “quantity over quality” approach, producing uninspired posts that fall on deaf ears (and wastes precious time and budget on ineffective execution). 

1. Create an Environment That Fosters Spontaneity

2. Start Acting Spontaneously Now

3. Tickle your tastebuds with flavors that make you want to sing

4. Diversify your social media content with videos, infographics, quotes, GIFs, memes, and storytelling

5. Invest in empathy; understand customer intent and feelings

6. Work hard on that sense of humor, every single day

Trend #7: Stories 2.0

Stories are a perfect way to get the attention, for a few valuable seconds, of an audience that loves authentic creative content. Stories are a great way to add a touch of humanity to your social media using emojis, videos, and stickers. 

Smart brands and businesses will make this a greater focus in their 2020 marketing strategy if they want to have a higher level of success reaching their audiences, and increasing engagement. 

Trend #8: Use Social Media as a Discovery Engine

Curating quality content has long been a key element in my own social media marketing strategy, and every day we are discovering more and more amazing material being published which we can then share with the audience.

Effective curation helps to build your presence in social and establish yourself, or your business, as a trusted resource and authority in your field. But in order to get the most out of this practice, you need your own trusted sources to pull content from.

If your marketing strategy doesn’t have a serious social media component you should probably consider adding one. While most people in the world still use traditional search engines such as Google to find what they’re looking for online, users especially younger ones are increasingly discovering websites by way of social networks.

Last year, half of all internet users ages 18 to 23, and 43 percent of users ages 24 to 32, used social networks as their go-to internet-discovery resource, according to a new report from Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research. Overall, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the preferred means of discovery.

Trend #9: YouTube & Video

Video may not be a hot new trend, but it remains an important trend in social media.

Data has suggested for some time that consumers who view online videos are more likely than their counterparts to make a purchase. Consumers now appear to expect video content from a brand they are going to do business with. If you haven’t started experimenting with video, now is the time to get going or you’ll risk falling behind the competition.

In 2020, the biggest trend that smart brands and businesses should focus on for greater success is the emergence of YouTube as the leading social media platform

Trend #10: Leverage UGC

User-generated content (UGC) has become an important part of the content marketing strategy in the current era where customers are ready to rave about your products or services online. UGC refers to the content that is created by the users of a brand. It can be anything from comments, reviews, and images to social media posts.

User-generated content acts as social proof to promote your brand’s message, helping you expand your social followers, strengthen relationships with clients, instill trust in the target audience, build SEO value and boost sales. Below are five effective ways to use UGC to ensure success in your marketing efforts:

How UGC fits in the inbound marketing cycle

Attract, convert, close, and delight — User-generated content plays an important role in all of these inbound marketing stages. When users make buying decisions during these stages, they typically do the following actions:

  1. Discover
  2. Explore
  3. Buy
  4. Use
  5. Ask
  6. Engage


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