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  • digihuntsWhy should I take the Digital Marketing course?
  • With all the recent changes Digital Marketing has taken its place over traditional Marketing. It is turning into a sensible career path. There are many career options in Digital Marketing watching its benefits in businesses.

  • digihuntsWhat does a Digital Marketer do?
  • It’s a pretty long list, career option in Digital Marketing includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Marketing. Content Marketing is another niche stream in Digital Marketing which involves blogging, writing ad copy, SEO optimized content for the website.

  • digihuntsWhat is the duration of the Digital Marketing course?
  • It depends on the type of Digital Marketing course you are going for. You can go check out different types of course and their course duration.

  • digihunts What is the Digital Marketing Course Fee in Jaipur?
  • The fee course again depends on the type of Digital Marketing course you are pursuing.


  • digihuntsWhat would I learn in Digital Marketing Course?
  • Digital Marketing is a combination of various modules. You can check all courses and modules from our Digital Marketing course page.

  • digihuntsWill you provide the study material?
  • Yes! We draft study material for our students and share everything on google classroom created for batches.

  • digihuntsHow can I pay fees for digital marketing course in Jaipur?
  • There are several options to pay your digital marketing course fee in Jaipur. You can pay the fee via NEFT/IMPS/CASH/CHEQUE/Payment Wallet.

  • digihuntsDo you provide FREE Demo class?
  • Yes! You have all rights to choose best for you, keeping that in mind we provide 2 days FREE demo class.

  • digihunts Will I be provided with real-time projects for digital marketing tools practice?
  • Yes! Even we believe in practicals more than theory. You will be working on real-time projects to enhance your skills.

  • digihuntsWhat is SEO?
  • Search engine optimization is a blanket term for various strategies used to make a web page appear in the top of the search engine results page (SERP) in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

  • digihuntsWhat is local SEO?
  • Local SEO focuses on achieving results in location-based searches, for example, “digital marketing institute in Jaipur”. These types of searches are becoming more frequent and often result in a map being displayed in the search results.

  • digihuntsWhat are the benefits of doing SEO?
  • Search Engine Optimization makes a huge impact on the website’s ranking on SERP. Also, it helps in increasing leads and sales.

  • digihuntsWhat is Pay-Per-Click?
  • It is a paid advertising model available to companies on sites such as Google to get your results on top of the search page.

  • digihuntsWhat is native advertising?
  • Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ads fit the form of the platform where they have to be used.

  • digihuntsWhat is Inbound Marketing?
  • In terms of digital marketing, this means using a mix of marketing channels, most commonly content marketing, SEO, and social media. In creative ways to attract people’s attention.

  • digihuntsWhat is Marketing Automation?
  • Marketing automation is software that manages marketing campaigns across multiple channels. It streamlines lead generation, segmentation, leads nurturing, leads scoring, measurement processes and more across any organization or any project.

  • digihuntsWhat is Marketing Funnel?
  • A marketing funnel is a model that records the stages of a buyer’s journey from the first interaction with your brand to the conversion of a lead.

  • digihuntsWhat is Social Media Marketing? And how it is important?
  • Social Media Marketing uses social media handles to promote a product or service. It helps in brand awareness and lead generation for the brand.

  • digihunts What is a lead magnet?
  • A lead magnet is a free offer in exchange for an email address, something which attracts your customer to join your email list by offering some value or offers to them.

  • digihunts What is lead nurturing?
  • Lead nurturing is marketing to prospects usually through emails and keeping your customers engaged with your offerings.

  • digihuntsWhat does Google Analytics do?
  • Google Analytics gives you insight for your website like traffic sources, track ROI for your online marketing business, review important metrics, etc