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What is it? Advertisements have changed their face and today marketers are keen in investing in Social Media Marketing rather than the traditional one.

SMM includes paid Ads that are run on various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to boost the brand’s visibility and generating leads.

Building a sound social media strategy is a must and is an art in itself. That’s what decides it’s faith. The main objective of SMM is to generate leads that help you grow your business and DigiHunts Academy provides the best SMM training in Jaipur.

What you’ll learn? We also assist you with community marketing that is another aspect that you’ll come across in the course. It is a great way to connect and interact with your audience. It is a complete strategy that contains the vital know-how of social media.

Posting on social media platform is more than just clicking the publish button. The various Ads include Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Stories, Lead generation Ads, Slideshow, and a lot more.

Why us? Digihunts Academy proves to be one of the best SMM training institutes in Jaipur. We don’t believe in restricting to just one platform and that’s why we work on various comprehensive platforms across the net and educate you about the same.

You’ll learn Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, YouTube, and a lot more. Not just this, we also focus on social media tools. These tools are a boon for the industry today. YouTube Marketing is another feather to the Social Media cap. How you can be seen there is really simple, we’ll get you there once you get with us.

Your Benefit? We at Digihunts Academy have an open mindset and are willing to help anyone who wishes to boost their online presence. Online marketing is powerful, provides immense reach and gives your business much exposure.

Facts show that there is over 60 million active business page on Facebook alone. This very statement proves the importance of social media marketing.

While social media is exciting, cool and fun, it involves keen attention. We help you realize how SMM can boost your business by updating you on the latest trends, branding tips, and how & how not to post on social media.

When with us, you will learn from the industry experts.

Who Participates?

    • Students (BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, BA, B.Tech Etc)
    • Social Media Marketers
    • Traditional Marketers
    • Marketing Professionals
    • Sales Professional
    • Business Owners
    • IT Professionals
    • Digital Marketing Professionals
digihunts academy Participates
digihunts academy Features

Training Salient Features

    • Certified Courses
    • Exclusive Internship
    • Access To Digital Marketing Tools
    • Other Industry Certifications
    • Case Study Exercises
    • 100+ Hours of Face to Face Classes
    • Access to Google Classroom
    • Access to Content

Digital Marketing Certification

digihunts academy certificate


On successful completion of this DigiHunts Academy Training module (Social Media Marketing), all participants will get a Certificate issued by Drive Digital.

Topic Covered

    • Understanding Social Media Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing Platforms
    • Branding Tips
    • Posting On Social Media Platforms
    • Building A Social Media Marketing Plan
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Marketing on Instagram
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Youtube Marketing
    • Community-Based Marketing
    • SMM Tools