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It is a pretty cool place where someone can ask and say. The Internet appears full of useful, entertaining, and educational spots to spend time, not to mention important places for brands and businesses to connect with their audience. Content is king… but that doesn’t really imply that’s all you need. Being an acknowledged expert in a particular industry is a status that everyone would prefer to have! That’s why your marketing and promotion activities should not be restricted to sending newsletters and posting on Facebook. DigiHunts Academy is the best digital marketing institute in Jaipur which provides complete digital marketing training.

What Is Quora?
Quora is a place to gain and enhance your knowledge. It is a platform where you ask questions and connects with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

It was founded by two ex-Facebook employees and it is constantly growing, with more than an estimated 100 million monthly unique guests (March 2016).

It the best place to share your new ideas and get the ideas of new trends and technologies. While using quora it can help you to improve the language.

Quora is available in various languages Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese. In many ways, content is a versatile marketing medium that can promote any business in any industry. It is also affordable, easy to create, and reliable for long-term results.

Setting Up Your Quora Profile
Now that you understand what Quora is and why you need to be on it, let’s get into how to set up your Quora account.

  -  Register Quora.

  -  Choose at least 10 topics to follow.

  Fill your profile details.

   -  Put a high-quality profile photo.

   -  Complete the employment, education details, and location credentials.

    Connect it with your social media accounts.

   -  Optimize your privacy settings.
Advantages of using Quora:

 -  It is a great site for own branding. By solving questions, you build your personal brand, recognition, and work as a specialist. It can start to increase conversions on your website, unique collaborations, or newfound interest in your goods and services.

  -   Quora seems to play a tremendous role in getting customer feedback. You can request a lot of questions and get valuable answers from people who could potentially start using your services. It is a great touchpoint, as you can also ask further questions and give straight answers about your business.

  -   Quora is the fountain of inspiration. Get insights straight from the specialists in any industry – e.g. in marketing, you will get answers from people managing client-side and agencies, all alongside influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk’s.

  -   You can put links in your answers, so you can promote your own items of content. Be careful though, like Quora and other users never like spammy posts! Be sure that things you write add real value. Thanks to this, Quora can become an effective and essential source of traffic, along with reaching other business goals.

  Enhance your language skills! Even if you are an English native speaker, you can still learn a lot of new definitions or technical info that your business could use. For non-native lecturers, Quora might even be better than courses at a language school.

Who Participates?

    • Students (BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, BA, B.Tech Etc)
    • Social Media Marketers
    • Content Writers
    • Marketing Professionals
    • Sales Professional
    • Business Owners
    • IT Professionals
    • Digital Marketing Professionals
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Training Salient Features

    • Certified Courses
    • Exclusive Internship
    • Access To Digital Marketing Tools
    • Other Industry Certifications
    • Case Study Exercises
    • 100+ Hours of Face to Face Classes
    • Access to Google Classroom
    • Access to Content

Digital Marketing Certification

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On successful completion of this DigiHunts Academy Training module (Quora Marketing), all participants will get a Certificate issued by Drive Digital.

Topic Covered

    • What Is Quora?
    • Setting Up Your Quora Profile
    • Finding Quora Questions To Answer
    • Writing A Quora Answer
    • Quora Growth Tips
    • Quora: Activities To Complete