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Why You Need A Strong Call To Action?



29 2020

If you have reached here and are reading this article, you sure must be somehow related to the digital world. Either you are a businessman, looking for tricks and techniques to enhance your business digitally. Or you are an aspirant just wanting to grab all the knowledge that you can.

Thank you for showing your interest. Keep reading and I am sure by the end, something more is going to be added to your knowledge panel. 

Did you notice what I did?

I asked the reader to – Keep Reading. Everyone is smart enough today and nobody likes to be told what to do. But if you are looking to lure your visitors and convert them into your customers, you will have to tell them what to do.

This simple request or asking them to do something is called – ‘Call To Action (CTA)’.

No matter how perfect your advertisement or social media campaign or your website is if you do not have an alluring CTA, it is all a waste. A strong CTA is as important as the Internet for the digital world. 

No internet, no user, end of the story. Similarly, No CTA, no visitors, no visitors means no conversion, end of the business.

I am sure, you would not want that. So today, I am going to tell you all that you need to know about Call To Action.

What Is Call To Action?

By now you must have understood, what call to action is. However, let us go for a technical definition. 

Call To Action or CTA is basically a marketing term used for advertisements or sale of a product or service. It prompts and encourages a visitor to take action, that ultimately leads to a sale or in marketing language conversion. 

In simpler words, you convince the user visiting your site, blog, social media, ads, campaigns, etc, to take action.

Why You Need A Strong Call to Action?

According to you what are the two most important elements of marketing? They are:

> Drive traffic to your website, business. 
> Convert that traffic into customers. 

Most of the marketing people know this and all their strategies revolve around these two elements. But still, they fail. WHY? They might succeed in driving lots of traffic, but if there is no conversion, the traffic is of no use. 

Here, come in the importance of CTA. If you have a strong CTA, all you need to do is entice the visitor. The conversion part will be taken care of by the CTA. But the only thing that you pay attention to is – CTA should really be strong.

The typical, ‘Click Here’, ‘Download’, ‘Contact Us’, etc are not going to work anymore. Now, you need something creative, different and unique that will constrain the user to at least try once, what lays ahead. 

The most common mistake that everyone does with CTA is forgetting the ‘Why’. A strong CTA should have two objectives – 

> What the user needs to do.
> Why he should do it.

You added a simple ‘Click Here’ at the end of your email campaign but did not give a reason why any user should do it. 

CTA should be convincing enough for the user to take action. 

Now the next question is…

How Long A Call To Action Be?

Your call to action can be as short as a single word, especially if it is a clickable button and as long as a sentence. As long as it is precise and to the point without any distractions, any length CTA is good. 

But this does not mean you end up writing an entire paragraph and calling it your CTA. Not too short, not too long. It should be just perfect enough to convince the user. 

‘Let us catch up on a coffee to discuss further’ or ‘Discuss over Coffee’, both are good.

Apart from the length, placement of the CTA also matters a lot. Just imagine, the moment you visit a site you are popped up with CTA’s. You will immediately leave without even wanting to go any further. 

Obviously, the visitor has just come, he does even know you or what he is looking for at your site, and you burden him to take action, he will leave. 

CTA should always be at the end. When you have shared all your information and know that the visitor is satisfied with the conclusion, CTA does the encouraging part. 

You must be wondering, what type of CTA you should go for. Well, I have an answer to all your questions.

thank youu -call to action

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