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Why the Role of Digital Marketing is Vital to Your Business Growth



20 2019

Digital Marketing – You have heard this a million times by now.

Around 82% of people use their smartphones before making any purchase. These are some of the reports released by top Digital Marketing Agencies. Over 78% of consumers are influenced by Digital Marketing in some or other way while purchasing.

And today Digital Marketing has drastically changed the way businesses are operating. What about YOU?

As per some of the Great Influencers  – “The internet is the most disruptive force I have seen in my lifetime. Sales functions are undergoing a massive transformation out of sheer necessity. The reason they are transforming is in direct response to the fact that the buyer is transforming- “Jill Rowley” (Social Selling Evangelist). 

Further, Digital Marketing is considered as one of the most powerful channels –

not only because it is cost-effective, 
its reach is wider, 
it is connecting millions,
Beyond these, it is capable of tracking customers’ behavior

It’s Cost effective

Micro businesses have very little resources and capitalization. Under such circumstances, Digital Marketing is the right channel for them to deliver the best outcomes within less cost.

As per a recent survey, over more than 40% of businesses are shifting their marketing budget allocations from traditional advertising to online marketing.

It makes easy to measure conversion

better conversion

Getting track of conversions is far easier in Online Marketing as compared to Offline marketing. 

Without conversion, all your traffic would mean nothing and all your digital marketing efforts will simply go to waste.

Today, most of the business owners are streamlining their marketing campaigns into digital marketing campaigns to get optimized conversions.

Conversion rate is higher

Businesses which are using digital marketing, they are able to measure their conversion rate through real-time data, leads, and subscribers. 

Moreover, with the use of Digital Marketing businesses are able to track the most accurate data, which could further help to strengthen their online presence. Once you get to know your actual audience, you may retarget them to get better outputs.

Digital Marketing helps in better Revenues

easy to measure conversion

Effective Digital Marketing Campaign records a higher conversion rate and is used to quite successful in delivering tons of profitable benefits to businesses, to scale up their business and to generate higher revenues.

As per Search Engine Giant- Google, to get better revenue growth expectancy, more than 50% of Micro and Medium enterprises are using digital marketing techniques which increases your business expansion chances by 3.3 times better.

Enhance Your Visibility

So true! More than 90% of customers are looking online for their products and services. Whatever services they are willing for, they first search on Google.

By Creating your online presence assists your customers and probable customers to find you easily and get on-time delivery. 

Having online presence not merely limited upto real time delivery, and shopping even your customers get notified about all the latest goods and services, they can even check your business hours and can be notified quickly about your latest deals and offers.

It Let Customers Come to YOU

how digital marketing attract customers

Scope of your business could reach beyond the walls, with the emergence of Digital Marketing you can enlarge your presence 10 times better than you could just by serving your customers locally.

Web Presence of your business opens new opportunities for you, which further allows you to serve your customers at any time. 

Plus Potential Customers who were not aware of your products and services earlier now could easily find you.

Get acquainted with your Target Audience

Digital Marketing allows you to get engaged with your existing customers, it allows you to get your customers taste, even you can have a close watch on their activities, which further assists you to know them better and accordingly you can serve them better.

By interacting with people digitally, you can get to know what they are looking for? what solutions they are looking for? What best you could offer them. 

Instead of making false assumptions, digital marketing and its tools allows you in finding what your customers are actually looking for.

Providing the right solutions at the right time is a great way to build a better relationship with your customers.

Your Customers are Online

online customers

In order to make your business success, you need to pay attention to what your rivals are doing and learn from them.

Having a close watch at your competitor’s activities will surely get you some idea of what your competitors are doing, what type of content they are delivering, their social media presence, their audacity and what sort of graphics and videos they are using. 

such tactics are quite useful when you have to beat your competitors, in order to let your business frequently visible when your customers begin their online search.

Get new Customers at your door

With the launch of virtual currencies, people tend to buy things at per their convenience, and here comes the opportunity for you. 

By creating your online presence, you can attract lots of customers, as customers tend to buy more frequently from fast delivery stores, that are available to serve 24x 7 hours. 

Opens up Growth Options

growth opportunity

By leveraging your business digitally, you will able to fetch tons of traffic in a short time. Which could be easily achieved at a high level by investing in Digital Marketing.

If you are serving offline, you are only able to serve your local customers and bit of around that area, but if you have built an online presence you could reach a wider level and could make good name and fame. That’s Digital Marketing Works.

Get Connected to Mobile Customers 

After Google Mobile’s first update, every website owner tends to have its website fully optimized on every device. 

In many instances, customers tend to buy goods and services more frequently on mobile phones as compared to other options.  

It not only makes their purchase more convenient, even it allows them to change their plan or cancel the order at any time, which is not quite easy in case of offline stores and businesses.

Build up a trust for your brand

Build up a trust for your brand
Having a presence of your brands and services on multiple platforms allows customers to rate your products and services. And this is something which every consumer pays attention before purchasing any goods or services.

Favorable and positive reviews left your customer satisfied which ultimately increases your chances to expand your conversion rate.

This, in turn, leads to building up a strong image of your brand in the minds of existing customers as well as prospective customers, and hence leads to more number of conversions.

Closing Thoughts

DigiHunt Academy is a pioneer in Digital Marketing, which helps small & medium enterprises to increase their visibility, their audacity and engagement through a unique business strategy. 

Now it’s time to wind up my discussion over “ 12 compelling reasons why you need Digital Marketing For Your Small Business”. Hope you enjoyed this discussion, If I have missed anything, you may notify me by mentioning your comments.

Good Luck!

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