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Why Should You Use Google Ads For Your Business?



25 2019

No wonder! Google Ads can make a company more successful if implemented correctly.

If we look at some of the astonishing facts of Google Ads, you will nail it.

According to a recent survey by the Search Engine Journal, over 63% of people are more likely to click on Google Ads.

Out of the whole 49%, people click on text ads, 31% click on shopping ads, and 16% on video ads.

Why Should You Use Google Ads For Your Business?

1. Google Ads are faster than Organic SEO
They are a great traffic booster for new businesses

The first reason is you don’t have to wait for so long.

Secondly, it works better than SEO.

Moreover, working solely on SEO is quite a time-taking, and this requires constant efforts to make consistency. 

They are probably quite easier to implement and its results are also measurable and that even in real-time.

2. Implementing Google Ads is Easier than SEO

Implementing Google Ads is Easier than SEO

Google Ads are easier in terms of implementing as well it’s quite easy to learn.

Unlike SEO, its process is quite easy.

3. Better ROI (Return of Investment)

While dealing with marketing we might get fussed, but Google Adwords campaigns are quite better in dealing with marketing.

4. Google Ads Results are Transparent 

Google Ads Results are Transparent

The results are quite transparent and easy to understand. 

Its campaign progress is, even more, faster than other ads. 

5. Performance of Google Ads is Measurable 

Unlike traditional marketing, Google Ads’ performance is highly measurable and its PPC is among one of the most measurable online channels. 

They provide exact data even better than social media.

6. Google Ads are well customized 

Google Ads are well customized

They provide tons of options and you can flexibly customize your ads as per your need.

You may change the density of keywords
Can narrow your audience
Can access an enormous network of non- search users
Will be able to Leverage the display network.

7. Google Ads Can Surpasses the SERPS

Today, Google Ads accounts for more than 97% of revenue.

This is the only reason people are making more and more use of it. 

Engaging in PPC is quite worthwhile. They provide an enormous opportunity to pull yours.

8. Google Ads Formats is Engaging

Google Ads Formats is Engaging

No doubt, their formats are more engaging than Organic Results.

Google ads provide lots of appealing formats, such as 

Product Listing 
In Video Ads on YouTube

Google is highly motivated in providing such activities, this is even good from engagement perspective as well. 

This is even good to fetch a number of clicks. It means higher the number of clicks higher will be the revenue. 

9. Google Ads Traffic is Better than Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is good, but it’s too hard to get. But there are certain sections where paid traffic is more valuable as compared to organic.

This is the fact that paid traffic is more targeted and this is the only reason clicks are much more likely to be commercial, rather than informational.

10. Your competitors are using Them

When we are dealing with marketing, there is peer pressure.

Today everyone is using Google Ads and here comes the point to make use of it.

11. Do’s and Don’t about Google Ads

do's and don't about google ads

1. Don’t Pick Broad or Irrelevant Keywords
2. Don’t Underestimate the Influence of your Landing Page
3. Don’t Focus on Outbidding your Competition
4. Don’t Smash All Keywords into a Single Ad Group
5. When You Must Use General Keywords Make Sure You Use An Extensive Negative Keywords List
6. Don’t Tell Google to Optimize Ads by Clicks
7. Don’t Underestimate Geographic Targeting
8. Do Not Bid as High as Google Suggests
9. Don’t Send Traffic to Generic Pages
10. Don’t Forget to Update Your Knowledge

1. DO utilize the keyword planner.
2. DO test and measure. 
3. DO attract guests back to your website by means of re-targeted ads.
4. DO utilize A/B testing to make the most excellent converting advertisements.
5. DO take the time to hone your ads that will cater to the needs of your target prospective clients matching their search queries with relevant advertising messages.
6. DO perform enough keyword research prior to deciding which keyword phrases to target with your campaign.
7. DO have tightly themed Ad Groups.
8. DO utilize Conversion Tracking.
9. DO set up an Exceptional Website.
10. DO adjust your bids per geographic location and based on actual results.

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