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Why choose a career in digital marketing?



16 2019

Is Digital Marketing a good career choice in 2019?
Is Digital Marketing in demand?
How much does a digital marketer earn?
Career growth in digital marketing?

These are some of the questions which usually come to your mind when you hear the term “Digital Marketing Jobs

To dig out the truth further… let’s have a quick check at some of the statistical data.

Over more than 2.71 billion people use smartphones across the world. This amount will continue to grow with the adoption of the 5G network.

82% of searchers use their smartphones to make a decision about an in-store purchase.

Today more than (30%) of colleges are coming up with curriculums that involve digital marketing. 

Over 72% of the marketers believe in internet marketing and have debated many times over the power of “Digital Marketing”. 

Unlike media, which is the fourth pillar of Indian Democracy,  digital marketing will become the new pillar of India in a couple of years. 

These are some of the facts which are enough to depict how Digital Marketing will be in coming years. 

Why choose Digital Marketing as a career

Below mentioned qualities of this profession will definitely compel you to become a digital marketer once in your career. Let’s start one by one.

It’s in demand

Today the influence of digital marketing is immense. From marketers to politicians everyone is getting influenced by the term “Internet Marketing“. 

Dove” Real Beauty Sketches” Campaign: was a great hit. The video was viewed more than 114 million times, in the first month itself. Even to target the audience at a large scale it was uploaded in 25 languages. 

Since its inception, marketing is used in one or another way, but the capabilities of Digital Marketing is getting enormous.  Today Its can make your brand a super-duper hit overnight. 

You Can explore different Industries

explore different industries

Digital marketing is a profession that has become a prerequisite for every Industry. As a digital marketer, you will have the freedom to explore the maximum number of industries of your wish.

From top-notch industries to startups, from fashion to education, from finance to manufacturing the demand for digital marketing lies across all sectors. 

You can kick-start your own career

In traditional marketing, people used to wait for the right opportunity even after having certain exposure. Whereas, the digital marketing world is your horizon. Digital Marketing gives you a chance to start your own career without any prior experience. 

Moreover, It’s the only platform where your academics don’t matter, your creativity, your passion and ability to look beyond matters the most.

Job Outlook is Exceptional

Job Outlook is Exceptional

People who are looking for something outside their specialization, Digital Marketing is the right profession for them, & you can build a good in it, it’s not about the daily monotonous tasks, it’s not about the day in day out activities, it’s beyond these.

Even, it’s not about your academic skills, it’s more about your creativity, passion for madness, your ability to think out of the box.

Keep reading to find out career growth in digital marketing and how you can build your identity via “Digital Marketing”.

Your Academic Background Doesn’t Matter

The significant advantage of shaping a Career in Digital Marketing is that it doesn’t require an impressive academic background. 

Unless other sectors which demand good academic record, outstanding problem-solving skills, Digital Marketing is quite opposite from all of these.

Digital is the new job

digital is the new job
Comparing it with other platforms, Today Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing networks and most affordable ways to promote your products and services on a large scale. 

Today everyone in the country is preferring digital marketing over everything else. Even Startups and small businesses are growing their business via Digital Marketing.

Companies do not require to deploy manpower to promote their services physically. On-demand markets/ e-commerce are some other platforms which are heavily using Digital Marketing to get Return On Investment (ROI).

Drastic Changes in Digital Marketing 

Unless Traditional Digital Marketing, which was limited to door-to-door selling and was much dependent on mouth advertising. 

Digital Marketing is totally different from previous marketing its more about Internet Marketing, it’s more about Viral Marketing and it’s more about Influencing marketing.

Can earn good name and  fame 

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is an exciting and ever-changing field that keeps people always on their toes. 

It offers a variety of career opportunities, you can work as a freelancer, as an agency work or even start your own firm. 
But as great as it sounds, Digital Marketing demands special skill set, high focus over the changes in this field, strict coordination with the Google updates, and much more.

You Could Earn More than your peers

Last but not least, Digital Marketing is such a thing which can make you a millionaire overnight. Yes, you heard it right.  

In order to achieve this milestone, you just need to have smart skills, amazing content, fabulous convincing power and a bit of humor.

So, if you are among those people who are quite handy in adapting the latest technology and love to showcase their hidden marketing tricks or seeking new opportunities in digital marketing, this platform is the right opportunity for you.

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