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21 2019

Today, when it comes to digital marketing, we all are well aware of it. Aren’t we? All thanks to the immense articles and content on the web that makes all the needed information available to us in no time. It makes us know all the do’s and dont’s of the digital marketing world.

But when we have a look at the statistics, why do you think the amount of successful digital marketers are way less than those who start? No brainer, there’s a whole lot of work that actually goes into making a marketing campaign successful.

Some insider tips to avoid mistakes in digital marketing

1. Consistency:

 Well, we don’t think any more word has been used  more than this one. Everyone around talks about how to be consistent and how to keep working on it. “Consistency is the key” is said out loud by the all the experts out there, sure it is, but how many of us are actually consistent? Do we stand true to it?

That is the number one mistake when it comes to digital marketing, we all talk about it but not all of us actually do it.

How to avoid: When you are a digital marketer, you must know how to remain consistent., how to come up with new ideas so that your blog/website doesn’t produce plain, boring content time and again.

Your customers are constantly on a hunt for getting something new and make sure you fulfill their desire. It sure is easy to get off the way after a while, and that is what brings us to our next point.

2. Not planning Ahead:

 Almost all of us have heard that planning goes a long way, be it in college or at home or at work. Same goes with digital marketing. In today’s worlds where there is something new and fresh constantly in the market, digital marketers are bound to run out of ideas at a point. And that eventually leads to a stagnant website.

The biggest mistake marketers do is not thinking of what might the trend be tomorrow.

How to avoid: As a digital marketer, it’s crucial you keep an eye on the market trends and watch what your customers need. You definitely don’t want to run out on ideas and that is when watching the trends comes into play.

The plan should be clear, adding to the values of the organization and up to date with the trends.

3. Getting that trust:

 Can you say this firmly that your customers trust you? You know, the biggest mistakes even the best of digital marketers make is this — what you’re selling and how good is it is

If you don’t have your customers trust, you’ll end up being broke despite having the most amazing products/services. Customers always prefer going to someone who is approachable, friendly and nice. Always.

How to avoid: You should always have their trust in the pocket if you want to sustain in the long run. Always stay in touch with them, reply to their queries, answer their doubts and make sure they’re comfortable using your services. A customer is a king and you shouldn’t take this lightly. The next point compliments this one.

4. Who’s on the other side?:

 How many times have we seen digital marketers making this mistake? We have even lost the count of it. If it’s important to improvise your services, stay up to date with the trends, it’s equally important to know who you cater your services to.

You should have a fair idea about who will benefit from your services i.e. who your customers are. The Internet does have immense reach but you don’t want all of them. You just want the ones who would benefit from your services. It’s always better to be picky about your customers and make specialized content for them rather than just going with the flow and targeting everybody out there.

How to avoid: You should know this beforehand that who will benefit from your services that will make you go fetch for the right kind of customers and not waste time on someone who is not even interested in your service, because let’s be real, customers are clever these days, they know exactly what they want.

5. To not stay true:

 One thing you should take from the top digital marketers is they deliver what they promise. Your main aim is to not just advertise the product/services but also be very true to what you say. This is a mistake a lot of fledging digital marketers make and that makes their reputation goes down drastically.

How to avoid: it’s not necessary that you should know each and everything(if you do, it’s great), you should be very clear as to what you don’t deliver so that the customers don’t get offended and assume all the wrong things about you.

6. Not making it personal:

 When we opt for traditional methods to market, we can answer customer’s queries on-the-spot, but how do you do that online? A lot of digital marketers just brag about the services they offer and not what the customer might be looking for.

How to avoid: think of all the possible questions your potential customers might come up with and try to answer them to as much extent as you can. This would not only solve all their doubts but also you will be considered reliable.

7. Break that wall

: you might have heard of breaking the rules but here we are talking about breaking the wall — a barrier because of which you might lose out on your customers. As we discussed how important is it to clear their doubts, it’s essential that they have a clear path when they want to reach out to you.

This is how a marketer may lose a potential customer, you’ve done the right advertisement but are you available when they finally reach out?

How to avoid: For say, you’ve provided them your email or phone number, but never respond to them, customer lost? Do avoid doing this or your image might be affected in a very wrong way.

8. SELL:

 Yes, you heard that right. Imagine you have someone knocking at your door “Salesman here” you would definitely contemplate opening that door! That’s what happens when you just sell, sell and sell.

Marketers forget how customer comes first and not their product or service.

How to avoid: Be someone who solves their problem and not the one pursuing to sell their products. Help them or solve their problems in a way that’s relevant to your area of expertise.

9. Forgetting the look

: How boring it could be if you use the social media channels the same way you market traditionally? In the midst of promoting a brand, don’t forget to have fun and make it interesting for your customers too. If you claim to be a digital marketer, how could you not know your work?

The look and feel of your online presence is as important as all other factors. Your customers will get a hint of you just by your look (don’t forget — first impression is the last impression)

How to avoid: Show your customers that you know what you’re best at. Make your own social platforms interesting and keep them up to date. For say you claim to be a web developer and your own site runs slow every time. That’s a bummer and you surely want to avoid it.

10. Not going

off-line: A very crucial points a lot of marketers think if they are working online, they don’t need to step out and that’s when they miss out on big deals. Going offline, building some links for your business is crucial.

How to avoid: You don’t want to miss out on some good relations when working online. It is very important to go out there, look for your potential customers, make them aware of your services and get them to your store online.

These are all those small mistakes a digital marketer makes that lead them to a ruined image, make sure you take some pointers for your next move and make it successful.

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