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Tips and Tricks How To Grow Youtube Channel in 2019?



15 2019

YouTube is considered to be the second most used search engine in the world. With around 1.9 billion active users per month, YouTube is one of the most visited websites online and second only to Google.

YouTube is considered to be one of the biggest hubs of music, knowledge, Vlogging, games and more. Underneath all these, People create content to earn money. And for several people, YouTube has become a source of income and every day they are creating unique and creative content to earn their living.

YouTube has been growing many businesses over the last years. YouTube also offers support to host video content as a digital portfolio so whenever a potential organization post video and draws leads for their services and products. It’s like spreading brand awareness in the market digitally.

The most interesting thing is anyone can be a content creator and earn the money or create a brand reputation.

But, as we all know YouTube is one of the biggest hubs. So, there are thousands or we can say millions of channel on YouTube. If you are planning to start a channel or have an existing channel you must have some question. Like, will it grow as expected? Can I do it for my living? Will it be helpful to create brand awareness or online reputation?

Some of the tips that will help you grow your channel.

1. Have a purpose

Without purpose everything or anything is useless. First, you need to understand what is your channel all about. You need to stick to that and create content about it and make sure it is relevant to what your customers want to see.

For example, you start a channel about vlogging and you post 10 videos regularly and you gain some subscriber base. But after some time you switch from vlogging content to, posting music videos, your current viewers will unsubscribe your channel. This happens because your viewer is used to seeing vlogging content on your channel and then suddenly music video uploads disengage them. This can lead to two problems.

They may unsubscribe your channel. They may never visit your channel ( Dead Subscriber).

Always stick to your purpose of the content and focusing on the target audience will help you to grow faster.

2. Optimize video titles and descriptions

A good video starts with Interesting Title it alone can drive unexpected traffic to the channel. Consider YouTube as a video library that the Google search engine.

The title should contain the keywords that will help the ranking of the video.

These are some parameter we need to keep in mind before writing a title.

    • Simple
    • Catchy
    • Interesting
  • Informative

“How-to-XYZ” is the most popular title these days as it covers all the parameters.

It is simple, informative as if we want to learn something the first thing we will need to search engine is how-to-XYZ.

Now, description helps us to provide a snippet of the video. Your description will contain important keywords and phrases to help your video become Visible on the first page of the search result

3. Use Appropriate Tags

The tag is one of the most important factors that help to rank the video. There are things that we need to keep in mind before putting tags like:

    • Use correct keywords
    • Put long search terms that a lame person can think easily
    • Mention the name of your competitor channel
    • Put the title in your tags or the specific keywords of title or description.
  • Keep an appropriate balance between the long and short search term

There is a limit of 500 Character that includes spaces. So, use every character very precisely. Every tag can make a huge difference.

We can use an external tool like VidIQ or TubeBudy that will help to find appropriate tags relevant to over video. It can provide the ideal tags by comparing from or competitor.

4. Cards and Endscreen

Youtube provides some extra features that help to keep your audience engaged. It also helps them to find new content within your channel so, they can stick around for a long period.

Cards and Endscreen allow you to put a snippet within a video. It can be put on the end of the video or a small pop up during the video stream.

It is one of the most successful practice we can do to increase the traffic on the channel.

5. Live Stream

Live streaming is a better option to keep your subscriber more engaging and give you a chance to interact directly to your subscriber.

You can ask them about your content and feedback about it.

6. Some more thing to keep in mind

    • Keep replying to the comments you get on your video.
    • Use the community section to post the video updates and images that will keep things more interesting
    • Use YouTube chatting feature to share your videos with your friend and family
    • Keep sharing your videos to Social Media.
    • Be updated with YouTube Creator Academy about the latest trends and algorithm of YouTube.
  • Use Creator studio when you are on the go.

So, These are some of the things that you can follow to grow your YouTube channel better and faster.

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