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How To Develop Your Own Blogging Voice?



30 2019

Blogging Voice, one of the hottest topics lingering on most people’s lips. 

Not because most of the bloggers find it hard to make a space in blogging but fails to take up the challenges that it demands. 

Before we start our discussion on Own Blogging Voice. Let me ask you one question!

What’s your biggest blogging challenge? Is it…

Learning how to create and sell online courses.
Getting more and more traffic to your website or
Growing your email list 

If your answer is among the above-asked questions, then you are in the right direction to find out ways in developing a powerful blogging voice.

Before we start, let me share one more incident, I have seen many people questioning on-

What are the best tips for developing a blogging voice?

Well to be fair, I will answer the same tips that I had previously, a few mind-blowing tips to develop true blogging voice-

Readout your piece of content loudly
Don’t bother about Grammar
Be Original & Natural
Write the way you talk
Keep your audience in mind 
Develop your own style guide
Don’t forget to experiment with new tactics. 

Let’s dig out the ways on how to find your own blogging voice

  1. Read and Learn 

    Firstly, before pumping out the content, it’s very important to be clear about your target audience. 

    What interests them, what they are looking for? 

    Reading and learning go hand-in-hand, if you are not passionate about reading, then I am 100% sure, you will not be able to know the taste of people.

    Content is not just about writing, to be a player in the space of blogging, you need to learn and expand your knowledge to write amazing content.

    Reading and learning are a big part of beautiful content creation. The better you can talk and write, the better will be your content understanding.

  2. Write For Your Readers

    write for readers
    Do you know who your readers are? Their interests? What do they like to read in their spare time? or have you ever thought what compels them to buy a specific edition? 

    Probably not, and easily lose our track to write for our readers? You need to stay on track and always focus on to write for your readers, your target audience, for your prospects. 

    If you are too much into health or fitness, then make sure to be around that topic only, I have seen people diverting too easily and that impacts quite bad when it comes to “unique blogging voice”.

    Writing for your readers will help you to find and mould your own “unique blogging tone”.

  3. Write in Consistency

    Writing every day is another fantastic way to level up your blogging passing is and in finding your own unique blogging voice.

    Try to write something which can persuade people, can entertain people and be filled with a purpose.  

    To be more serious keep a track of your writing, to start with you could at least try to shoot 250-400 words daily.

  4. Be Yourself while writing

    be yourself while writing

    This is the first and foremost tip, when it comes to blogging, writing the same tone as you are is much more powerful in pulling the right audience.


    Self-reading- Read your own blog and try to identify when you are reading your blog, does your personality come through?

    How persuasive it is- Is your blog capable enough to persuade your target audience.

  5. Write Drunk, Edit Sober

    write drunk, edit sober
    With the plethora of content, negligence is quite often, your blog may swipe left or right without even noticing.

    This is quite disheartening, but its 100% true, today producing good content is on priority, but jumping into it without opaqueness is daunting. 

    Be choosy before random writing.
    Think about your perspective of writing.
    Bring your own thoughts, doesn’t matter if they are controversial.

  6. Follow a Unique Blogging Guide 

    Presenting a blogging guide, a unique formula to represent your thoughts 
    An in-depth guide is an essential way for consistency. If you have ever noticed, people who write amazing style guide, they don’t write just for the sake of writing, they have a set of rules which they strictly follow while creating content.

    Experimenting on a style guide will fast track you to develop your own unique blogging voice and polish you for blogging standards. 

    A style guide will work as your checklist to keep you on track.

    And if you are really passionate about making your own voice blogging sites then you must be pretty much clear about the do’s and don’ts of having your own blogging site.


Having a unique blogging voice is essential when we talk about great writing. And finding your own unique voice is quite challenging in writing space, but it could be developed, with time. 

Digihunts Academy is a pioneer in making you learn with all sorts of marketing and blogging challenges and also in making you learn the tips and tricks of creating your blogging voice and also the content marketing tips.

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