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How To Become A Google Certified Digital Marketer?



10 2019

Are you desperately looking for an answer on “How to get Digital Marketing Google Certification? And that too free of cost.

Cool, Right!

Get a chance right here to “Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing”, without even spending a single penny.

There is an umpteen number of courses that are free for you to earn a Digital Marketing Google Certification.

Today, many of the Digital Marketers are working on these Google Digital Marketers to brush up their skills by gaining these Google Certifications.

Do you also want to become a Google Certified Digital Marketer and want to groom your skills so drastically, then what are you waiting for?

Let’s discuss one by one all about the “Digital Marketing Certifications” that is a must for a Sound Digital Marketing Career.

  1. Google Digital Unlocked

    Google Digital Unlocked

    Master your basics with free digital marketing course. This course sums up to the Introduction of Digital Marketing. 

    Google Digital Unlock Certification is among the most sound certificate. 

    This course will add-on new skills to your profile by making you an owner of a Digital Marketing Google Certificate and to let you enter into the digital marketing world from a different perspective.

    By earning this certificate you will learn all the basics of digital marketing, right from scratch.

    Benefits of Google Digital Unlocked Course-

    Learn at your own pace
    Opportunity to get Certified
    26 most sorted modules to explore the most
    Earn a recognized IAB accredited certificate

    Over 3,00,000 digital marketers have gained this qualification and are now using Google Digital Unlocked tactics to shape their careers.

  2. Google Ads Certifications

    This is another most popular certification that you should grab if you are into Digital Marketing Industry.

    Like other digital marketing Google Certification Course, this certification could be easily grabbed, all you need to do is –

    Create your Google Ad Account
    Pass a two Ads certification exam

    After passing this assessment you will be recognized as an expert in online advertising and will eligible to get following certificates-

  3. Google Search Advertising Certification

    Google ads certifications

    Google Search Ads Certification is an important credential for digital marketers. 

    It’s among one of the few ways to prove a certain level of topical relevance. 

    This digital marketing google certification will count you among certified users who are further eligible to leverage automated solutions such as-

    Smart Bidding 
    Audience Segmentation 

    To boost the campaign for specific marketing objectives.

  4. Google Ads Display Certification

    Google Ads Display Certification

    It’s a separate Google Ads certification under the category of Google Adwords.

    After validating your expertise using Google Display Ads Certification you will be able to deliver results to get the most from your display advertising investment.

  5. SkillShop Certification

    SkillShop Certification

    This is another Digital Marketing Google Certification to demonstrate your expertise, SkillShop course curriculum will help your company earn a “Premier Google Partner Badge”.

    After availing Google Ads Certification you will be recognized as an expert in online advertising.

    You can earn this certification through SkillShop – Google’s online training program.

    To start with SkillShop all you need to do is –

    Make an online account on Skillshop
    Once you settled with your account you will be eligible to take Google’s Ads assessments

    Benefits of –

    Demonstrate your expertise
    Get a chance to earn a Google Partner Badge

  6. Google AdMob Certification

    By now you have got pretty much idea of how important it is to be a “Digitally Certified Marketer” when it comes to own a digital marketing google certification. 

    Google AdMob Certification will master you to “set up your app monetization, reports and how to deal with different types of ads.

    Moreover, this assessment will teach you the essentials of creating, managing and reporting your inventory with AdMob. 

    To start with Google AdMob course first-

    Set up an AdMob Google Account 
    Create, Manage and report on inventory.
    Execute AdMob meditation to grow revenue
    Control the quality of ads with AdMob

  7. Google Analytics Course

    Google analytics Certification Course

    It’s another way to prove yourself as a Digitally Certified Professional.

    This certificate is offered by “ Google Analytics Academy” along with Google Analytics you may also earn “ Youtube MiniCourse Course Certification”.

    Basic Curriculum of Google Analytics course-

    Google Analytics for beginners
    Advanced Google Analytics
    Google Analytics with 360 degree
    Introduction to Data Studio
    Google Tag Manager  

    The analytics academy will help you to learn about Google’s measurement tools.

    Fundamentals of Google Analytics will make your expertise in data collection and its analysis.

  8. YouTube Marketing Course

    This digital marketing google certification course will help you to learn the ins and outs of channel creation, monetization, optimization and growth.

    This short tenure Youtube Creators Academy course offers certification to individuals and companies. 

    More than 13,000 Youtubers get benefited after becoming a certified Google YOUTUBER.

    Youtube offers fours distinct certifications

    Channel Managers 
    Business Operations
    Digital Rights Manager & Legal
    Artist Channel Managers & Label Reps

  9. Google Ads Manager

    Another recommendation to grab Google Certifications is Google Ads Manager

    Under this, you will learn smart ways to make Google Ads Profitable.

    This platform will teach you how to sharpen your Google Ads basics like-

    How to create an inventory
    How to set up campaigns
    How to effectively manage creatives.

  10. Google My Business

    Those who think learning Google marketing doesn’t hold any good, they are wrong.

    GMB certificate is one of the most demanding certificates when it comes, Google My Business expertise.

    As of now, everyone is not familiar with why it is important to list your business on GMB.

    Though it didn’t impact quite high when it comes to digital marketing the key to get viral is- spread your presence at all possible platforms.

    Having Google My Business Certificate will help you to level up your skills one step ahead than others.


Gone are the days when knowing a couple of digital marketing tricks used to enough for a stable career.

Now, to sustain in this industry, it’s very important to groom your digital marketing skills every day.

With little efforts and by qualifying above mentioned well known digital marketing courses you can easily earn, digital marketing google certificate.

More surprisingly Google doesn’t charge a single penny for any of the Google Certifications.

DigiHunt Academy is a top-notch digital marketing institute in Jaipur, courses offered by us, are strongly focused to transform your digital marketing skills at our best.

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