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How to Become a Fashion Blogger?: 10 Quick Tips for Success



11 2020

Walking down in high heels and dream-worthy designer clothes, is that how you are recognised in your friend circle? If yes, two things are on the way. One – you have an extraordinary fashion sense. Two – you have a great opportunity to become a fashion blogger.

Fashion designer degree or not, you can become a fashion icon and even earn doing that. But before you set up your fantasy world and start dreaming, let me get one thing straight. This is no joke. It takes a lot of guts to get there.

fashion blogging

If you really are into fashion, I am sure you know all about the online social world that exists. And if you know about it, you sure we’ll know about the competition you are going to get there. And trust me when I say about competition, you literally do not get a room to even breath, let alone survive and mark your presence there.

Ok, I am not trying to demoralise you, but it is always good to know the bitter truth and be prepared for it.

By now, you might have got a glimpse of where I am headed. So who according to you is a fashion blogger?

  • Someone who has a fashion designer degree?
  • Someone who has a good sense of fashion?
  • Someone who has a creative mind and can think out of the box?
  • Someone who can write well?

The first one is not necessary, but that was easy to guess because I mentioned earlier, degree or no degree. If we put aside the first point, definitely you need the other three if you want to become a fashion blogger, a successful one and even earn from it. If you have the first point in your court already all the more good.

Let me start with the basic….

What Exactly Is A Fashion Blogger?

With the Internet ruling our lives and the online world becoming more prominent than the real one, several new professions have popped up. Our grandparents or probably even parents wouldn’t have even thought of such professions as an option. 

But yes, things have changed dramatically and we are living in 2020. So basically any opportunity that gives you space to earn money is a profession now. 

So fashion blogger is also as good a profession as being a YouTuber or a social media celebrity. 

All you need to do is, build some base, work on your strategies, get viral and of course work hard. And guess what you are a star. If you are really good at what you do, it may not take much time, but still, you have to be patient. 

Now that we know what a fashion blogger is, let’s get down to business. 

Who Can Become A Fashion Blogger?

Scroll up and you can read the basics. But now I am talking about real business. If you have paid some attention to what I wrote earlier, you must know this is no joke, you need to have guts. If you do not have that, leave now, this is not the place for you.

There is a hell lot of competition and if you think, you will get some overnight success… Hello!! Time to wake up! Of course, creative and unique fashion sense and writing style are important. Other than this, if you think you can be a fashion blogger, take a look at the checklist below and evaluate yourself. If you have all or even some of them, you can do it.

  1. You always have a different pose whenever the camera is looking at you. 
  2. You think, looking into the eye of the camera is old school. 
  3. You have your personal version of shoegazing.
  4. You understand that paying attention to the details and accessories of an outfit is more important. 
  5. Your social media pages are stocked with amazing self-aware bits of fashion sense.
  6. You go the extra mile to have a matching make up with every outfit you wear.
  7. You have an interesting and creative way of taking selfies. 
  8. You don’t bother what others think of it if you like the design you drape yourself into it. 

So, Who Is A Fashion Blogger?

Someone who has the combination of being a stylist, a writer, a model and who has an extraordinary fashion sense. Fashion blogger writes blogs about fashion, lifestyle, posts pictures and videos about trending fashion sense and has a platform to publish all this.

Now you know about the what and who about a fashion blogger, let us dig in into….

10 Quick Tips To Become A Successful Fashion Blogger

Fashion bloggers have become really famous. They have redefined the way fashion is worn and carried, that too in a way that not even the designers or retailers could do. They are a rare brand with a combination of a creative mind, bizarre fashion sense, entrepreneurship skills and wild imagination. 

If you also want to become this breed pull up your socks and follow these tips:

1. Have a Blog Name:

First things first. Think of a unique and eye-catchy name for your blog. The name is what gives the first impression, so make sure you decide on it wisely. Think of something that defines you as a fashion freak and defines your niche. 

It is always good to add your name, after all, you could be a brand yourself someday. Another advantage of giving a self-title is you can build a personalised relation with your readers. 

2. Buy a Domain:

Buy a domain - fashion blog

3. Decide your Niche:

Before you start writing, you need to find out what you are best at. Search your wardrobe, look into the closet, turn back on your social posts, do everything that helps you find out how you are different from others. 

I am sure you do not want to get lost in the crowd and just be another fashion blogger. You want to be a successful one and for that, you need to stand out from the rush.

4. Create a website:

fashion blog website

Your website will be your face on the web. And you sure understand how important a fashion blogger’s face is. If you do not know how to create one, which is ok, you are a fashion blogger, not a website designer, hire a professional. 

It need not be too fancy, the simpler it is the better. Because your blogs, posts, photos and videos are what is going to do the makeup here and make it look stunning. But make sure it is user-friendly and responsive because if it is not easy to navigate through, it really is frustrating.

5. Invest in High-Quality Videos and Photography:  

It is mandatory to have spectacular videos and photos. This will exactly define your fashion sense more than the text. Also, do not have too many fluctuations with size. Stick to one, as it will give a sorted look to your page. Plus this will generate repeated traffic. 

Think of out of the box camera angles during the shoot. Do something that everyone else is not doing. Only then you will be able to attract traffic and glue it to your blogs. 

6. Let Your Blogs Be A Mirror:

Everything that you put up on your blog should reflect your image. Therefore, it is essential for you to be truly just ‘You’. Pour out every fashion imagination, that you can have in the form of blogs, photos, videos.

Being you will make you more authentic and the audience will get connected personally to you. Once you develop a fan base, they look up to you for all their fashion ideas. So, you need to maintain that. Think of yourself as a brand. 

7. Social Media is Fundamental:

social media is must

You just cannot afford to avoid social media. These platforms are basically the stair to your success. Being on every platform can be tiresome and time-consuming, managing all the accounts is not easy. But for a fashion blogger, your active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest is mandatory. 

And since you will already be posting videos on your blogs, being a fashion vlogger is an icing to the cake. And considering vlogging, YouTube will best serve the purpose. If you do not know all the technicalities and practices of handling social accounts, it is advised to hire an SMO (Social Media Optimization) manager or outsource this work to a professional digital marketing company.

8. Google Analytics is Another Must:  

If you are seriously taking fashion blogging as a business and want to earn from it, you need to know about the analytics. Google Analytics is the best way to keep an eye on the website traffic and analyse the results. 

This will help you analyse, who is visiting your site, what they are interested in, what brought them to your blog, which geographical location has the most visitors, which age group is most active on your blog, etc. With the analytics, you will understand, what your visitors are interested and what is going wrong. 

Again, if you think, analytics and numbers are not your cups of tea, hire the best digital marketing company to do the work for you. 

9. Build Your Network:

build your network

Building your network is the key to the door to success. As your network grows, your brand grows. And one aspect to get this is having your brand identity. Get all brand identity stationery, visiting cards, letterheads, T-shirts (if you can), etc. 

Another way of growing your network is by joining other blogging networks, writing for a famous blog or magazine, guest posting, being active in your community, attending fashion shows and conferences. Get in affiliation with other fashion bloggers and brands. Tell them what you can do for them and how it will be beneficial for both. 

10. SEO Also Plays A Major Role:

SEO is also must

You might not think it to be important, but SEO (Search Engine Optimization), does play a vital role in the journey of your success. It is ultimately the search engine results that are going to decide the fate at the end. 

If you do not land up on the first page of the SERP’s consider yourself lost in the crowd. It is imperative to be visible, if you are not on the front page, nobody will even know about you. So, if you wish to rule and sit on the throne, get your SEO done. And since you will not have enough time to do it yourself or have enough knowledge about the technicalities, again it is best to outsource the job to a professional digital marketing company.

So these were 10 quick tips on how to become a successful fashion blogger. Take a chance, go for it, become a brand and then you can thank me for all the guidance. Ok, jokes apart, the fashion industry is blooming and the fashion bloggers are just taking it to another level. 

You can be the next. 

If you wish to learn the digital marketing techniques to handle your blogs, we have something in store for you. Visit DigiHunts Academy and have a look at the course we have to offer. 

Happy Fashion Blogging!!!

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