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Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019



09 2019

Just like food, technology and other small and big businesses are marketing online, so is the healthcare sector.

Healthcare digital marketing is something people are soon going to get acquainted with.

Audiences today depend largely on the web, to find out solutions that address their problems.

Every industry is crawling its way into the digital world. And in 2019, the benefits of digital marketing are not a secret anymore.

Digital marketing is a platform that has proved its effectiveness time and again.

Be it to find solutions online or to meet experts to consult challenges faced, online platforms are the answer.

But before we discuss anything else, let us have a quick glance over the healthcare stats. They reveal the importance of healthcare marketing on digital platforms.

Healthcare digital marketing facts:

  • Of all the searches on Google, 5% of them are health-related
  • Searches drive more visitors to hospitals. Infact, 3 times more.
  • People looking for physical therapists, nursing homes, and optometrists run the most search results
  • Patients who booked healthcare appointments did 3 times more searches that those who didn’t

health care and digital marketig

So with this, you would have gained a rough idea of how healthcare marketing is crucial on digital platforms.

Let us now see, what are the top trends in healthcare digital marketing. Also, get a fair idea of the future scenario of the same.

Let us now see, what are the trends prevailing in the healthcare digital marketing 2019 and what to expect next.

Top healthcare digital marketing trends that will rule 2019:

  • Virtual reality
  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Voice searches
  • Geofencing
  • Chatbots
  • Telemedicine

While you might be familiar with some of these terms, others might sound foreign. So let’s discuss them one at a time and see how they can bring in the healthcare digital marketing world.

1. Virtual reality

Virtual Reality

If you didn’t know yet, this technology is already prevailing in the healthcare sector.

Each day, companies are trying to make the user experience, impeccable.

To provide them with the same look and feel as personal meetings do, healthcare marketing is taking VR pretty seriously.

Until now, this technology is being used between doctor – doctor or patient – doctor.

To state an example, Medical Realities is a training institute that aims to provide high-quality education to surgeons, with the use of VR.

The user is now not only able to listen but also feel the environment with a 360-degree approach.

Another great example of this would be – In April of 2016, Dr. Shafi Ahmed of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London carried out an operation that was streaming live on VR – virtual reality headset.

VR makes the watcher take the feel of the entire scene with the help of 360-degree facility and live sound.

The way it is providing ease of accessibility and usage, time is not far when it would be reaching homes. VR in healthcare marketing aims to provide patients with more personalized treatment to their problems.

This would grow to a level where people could actually see what their disease is and how to cure them.

This is an amazing technology that is sprouting in healthcare digital marketing.

And, we are firm this is going to bring about a drastic change in the way people used to perceive consulting a doctor.

2. Blogging –


Though not a disruptive technology, blogging is going to be a big thing in healthcare digital marketing. It is a noted fact that people who trust doctors online, surely pay them a visit.

Blogging is not alien to us and we are well aware of its benefits. It is of great use in healthcare marketing. Blogging has numerous benefits, let us have a look at some for them.

Benefits of blogging in healthcare digital marketing:

  • Boosts SEO score
  • Increases visibility on SERP (search engine results page)
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Addresses problems and makes the company trustworthy

Blogging is a great way to interact with visitors. Through blogs, healthcare specialists can actually show their proficiency and enhance trust factor.

Also, this lets the website come across on the first page of Google as people search for solutions.

So this is a great healthcare digital marketing tip that is going to bloom in 2019.

3. Video marketing:


Have you noticed a sudden wave of video marketing making its way in the digital world?

Moreover, it is loved by the audiences. And why not? Videos are a great way to get your message across people and connect with them.

It is shown that sharing patient’s success stories have made an emotional impact on the viewers and made them trust the company, almost instantly.

Plus, the best part is that people have a habit of leaving reactions in the comment section and that truly is an insider.

For those in the industry have done video marketing, have benefited from it immensely.

Videos leave a strong impact on the viewers and encourage them to take actions.

This trend is surely going to accelerate healthcare marketing digitally.

4. Voice searches:

Voice search

Okay, a quick test for you.

– Look around you and make a count of how many people use Google’s assistant, Amazon’s Alex, etc?

– Almost everyone, right?

Who does not like being hands-free and getting solutions without a screen. Yes, you heard that right Without screen.

Artificially intelligence is not too far from healthcare digital marketing.

Also, stats reveal that by 2020, all internet search will be voice-driven.

Now that calls for some action. Irrespective of the industry, the content has to be made in a way that could cater to voice searches.

This healthcare digital marketing trend will not only be a boon for the consumers but also medical specialists.

5. Geo-fencing:

If you have never heard of this term before, you are not alone. This is an amazing technology that is surely going to make its way into healthcare marketing in 2019, and we are firm about it.

Geofencing is a feature that uses the Global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to identify geographical boundaries.

It is shown that the area of living has an overall impact on a person’s habits, activities, interests, the standard of living and buying behavior.

Based on location, companies can identify their potential consumers. This makes it very easy for them to target their real audience and as a result, conversion rate increases.

In healthcare digital marketing, it lets you target people and give them a personalized experience. Here’s how geofencing is a boon in healthcare digital marketing:

  • Send relevant articles
  • Advice related content
  • Limit mobile ads
  • Target only specific people
  • Make personalized content

So this way, healthcare marketing gets effective in terms of reach and also the budget.

Very soon, people would be receiving only those notifications, that are relevant for them.

6. Chat bots:

Chat Bot

It’s been long that chatbots have already made lives easier. And if implemented in healthcare marketing, this technology would have immense benefits and effects.

Understanding human concern, and providing them with automated replies is what chatbots are best at. In a world where every one of us want quick responses and answers, chatbots are soon going to be the next big thing.

Chatbots in the healthcare sector have immense benefits. Let us look at some of them:

  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Get easy consultation
  • Optimize time for healthcare specialists and let chatbots do the work
  • Find the nearest outlet
  • Clarify minor issues that automated texts can solve, or, fix a call with the specialist.

Chatbots are a win-win situation for both the patients/visitors and healthcare specialists.

Healthcare digital marketing has a good choice to opt for chatbots and reduce as much time as possible.

Also, this would help websites retain visitors and turn them into consumers.

Through chatbots, visitors feel welcomed on the website and nothing can get better than that.

7. Telemedicine:

Tele medicine

Not just millennials require convenience, old age people do the same. Even, this trend is going to ease the lives of busy moms, working professionals, etc.

While other sectors are making their way to the consumer’s doorsteps, why not medical sector?

Tele medicines are a way patients can reach out to doctor over a video call. This not only cancels distance but also makes an appointment with the doctor, during emergencies.

This trend is only going to get bigger and help people save up on time and be more productive.

Today people are continuously on the go and for them, this is going to be a boon.

And not just for them, it makes it pretty easy for the healthcare sectors also, to be in touch with their patients, from anywhere.

There is no need for physical presence for this and proper medical treatment can be provided, even from a distance.

Isn’t this life-saving?

And, this trend in healthcare digital marketing is not only going to make its space in 2019 but also make it so much more effective for the patients as well as the specialists.

So these were some of the great trends of healthcare marketing in the digital world, that is going to become a reality very soon.

Healthcare marketing

The future is bright for health care sectors and digital marketing. And together, they can bring in a great change in society.

Also, in a nutshell, this is how healthcare marketing is beneficial in the digital platform:

  • Digital marketing provides credibility to the healthcare sectors
  • Increases visibility through SERP and drives traffic
  • Builds a great doctor-patient relationship
  • Enhances user experience
  • Better connects healthcare sector digitally and boosts ROI
  • Provides patients with a wide array of solution-oriented content on the web

Let us know, what you think about the healthcare digital marketing trends 2019. And do not forget to share this blog on all your social handles and let your friends know about the great information you just had.

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