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Five Keys to Successful Marketing for the Education Sector



11 2020

Students are facing the uphill struggle with the examinations going on. And the Education sector, especially the institutes are struggling to find one magnetic trick to attract these students after exams. 

So it’s basically the struggling period everywhere in the education centre. Students are already burdened with the exam tension and then, they are dealing with the pressure to join the best institutes for further studies. 

And the educational institutes are dealing with the pressure to attract as many students as possible for the coming academic year. 

In all this tension and pressure, everything might just go haywire and you might get diverted from the main motive. 

According to the numbers, 88% of the students are interested in the future success and career growth, rather than the traditional personal growth or following the passion. 

This makes it all the more challenging for the institutes. It is no longer the old school type that you offer selected popular courses and students will follow the flock. 

Time has changed and so has the perspective of choosing courses for future career options. The digital era is ruling the world and every industry is taking advantage of it. 

So why not the education sector?

Yes, digital marketing is the magnetic trick that you are looking for. Today I am going to discuss…..

How To Attract Students To Your Institute

Like any other industry, the educational industry also faces the competition challenge. There are hundreds of institutes out there who are working for exactly what you are doing. They are also implementing various techniques to pull in the students to their institute.

Usually, the tactic that the institutes apply is, offer new degree programs, or launch advertising and marketing campaigns. Which is a good move but possibly incomplete. 

Why do you think it’s incomplete? Well, I will answer this question for you. New courses, advertising and marketing plans are incomplete without strategies and planning. Do not just follow the flock and do what others are already doing. Think of something different. Build your USP, give the students something that others are not giving and only then they will be attracted to your institute. 

There are some pain points that you need to figure out. Once you figure out these points and address them, you will not have to put in the extra effort to attract the students to your institute. 

Like I said earlier, marketing is incomplete without strategies and plannings. If till now you have been creating havoc on the internet and going through everything to learn some tricks. Stop wasting your time and energy. Because everyone else also might be doing it. 

What you need to do is, just keep reading this blog till the end and decide later, which strategies you should adopt to enhance your marketing strategies.

Here are…

Five Keys To Successful Marketing for Education Sector

Marketing strategies play an important role in deciding the fate of your results. If you have it all set and clear in your mind what you want to achieve and what exactly is your goal, half the work is done. 

And here the goal is to attract students to your institute, so all your strategies and planning should revolve around this goal. Now you know what to do, but the question is how to do it?

We have it all sorted for you, all that you need to do is understand and implement the following techniques. 

  1. Building Alumni Peer-to-Peer Network

    Building Alumni Peer-to-Peer Network
    The current or pass out students are your best advertisers. The students who are already taking up courses from your institute or have completed the course and passed out will be your best advocates. 

    They know the in and out about your services and have experienced it personally. So, when they recommend or advertise about your institute, people will believe them. Peer-to-peer sharing done by the alumni is another way to ensure trust-building. 

    Since they have been in your institute, other students seeking course will trust them and enrollment chances increases. 

    Make the alumni as brand ambassadors and let them get your institute popular on social media. They can organize small workshops, address the queries of the students seeking admission, etc. You can also introduce some reward programme with the peer-to-peer sharing done by the alumni.

  2. Video Marketing Makes A Big Difference

    Video Marketing Makes A Big Difference
    A picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks about a thousand pictures. So you can guess, what wonders a video can do compared to pictures and texts. Use this powerful marketing technique wisely and you will see the results. 

    Videos are more effective because humans react faster to visual content. You can share the success stories of your students, teachers, etc to attract more enrolment. 

    If combined with peer-to-peer sharing, you can make a short video about their experiences and success in your students. And then the alumni can spread the video on all social platforms. 

    Not only the videos are authentic and unique, but it will again build the trust factor for new enrollments. 

  3. Encourage User-Generated Content

    Encourage User-Generated Content

    Students who are seeking for courses to build their future, do intensive research about the institute before joining it. And they are not likely to belive what you have to say about yourself. But they will belive the recommendations of the current or passed out students. 

    So, instead of going for self-promotional videos, encourage user-generated content. And user-generated content does not only mean testimonials. Ask them to share posts, blogs, and content on your as well as their social media platforms. 

    This will give a personalized touch to your branding and there are high chances that more students will be attracted to your institute.

  4. Make Full Use of Social Media

    Make Full Use of Social Media

    Social media platforms are really powerful and can take your business to another level. All you have to do is, know how to use these platforms to your advantage. 

    Use social media to give information about the courses that you offer, your programs, campus pictures, etc. You can also hold small questionnaires, post informative content about different career options, live sessions, Q&A with the faculties, etc.

    Like alumni can be your brand ambassador, you can also find some social media influencers to promote about your institute. Influencer marketing really works. 

    Consider someone as your influencer, who has large social media presence, has many followers, especially of the age group you want to target. 

  5. Create a Mobile Strategy

    Create a Mobile Strategy
    Everyone is moving to the smaller screens and considering students as your target group, most of them are active on smartphones. So having a strategy for mobile phones is very important. 

    Make sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly because if it is not easy to navigate through your site on mobiles, it will just take a few seconds for the viewers to switch to some other site. This is far too big a risk. 

    All the marketing strategy should be made keeping in mind the mobiles. If you are running promotional ads, do not forget to involve platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, where students are most active.

These were five keys to successful marketing for the education sector and attract students to your institute. The admission season is just around the corner and you need to act fast. Implement these strategies and you will see the results. 

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