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03 2020

Do you like travelling? 

Well, I don’t know about you, but I love travelling. Exploring new places, tasting new cuisines, experiencing different cultures, everything about travelling is just best. Nothing can go wrong when you are out on the roads. And if something goes wrong, it is probably for the best. Because that is the time you learn to handle emergencies and crisis situation. 

You come back refreshed, more knowledgeable and full of new energy and thoughts. Travelling can be to anywhere, be it spending some extraordinary time in the mountains in nature’s lap. Or simply watching the blissful sunset and sunrise on the beach. It can be, to small villages to get in acquaintance with raw nature or to exotic places with stays in 5 stars. 

In short, Travelling is just the perfect solution for everything. And I can go on and on about how much I am madly in love with travelling. 

Let’s get back to some practicality. You need to have your pockets full if you are so much crazily head over heels about travelling. But what if I say that you can earn while travelling! 

Yes, you get it right. I am talking about

Travel Blogging 2020

Nothing can be better than getting to earn money by what you love the most. But before you start dreaming, let’s just get one thing straight. Apart from of course your love for travelling, writing has to fit into this love story as a strong character. 

If you are not confident about writing, this article is not for you. A travel blogger is about someone stuck in a love triangle with love for both ‘Traveling’ and ‘Writing’.

So today I am going to list down a few tricks for all you travel and writing lovers out there, which will help you earn for your next travel endeavour. 

So here are…

9 Ways To Become A Successful Travel Blogger

Getting to travel the world and that too by not spending a single penny of your own. Instead, you get paid for travelling. Who would not love this? It is a dream job, that I am sure anyone would want. 

But just hold on for a second. It is just like the fairytale, everything seems to be picture perfect but you know its just a story. It is not as easy as it looks and sounds. It does take a hell lot of hard work and patience. And trust me when I say ‘A lot’ means a lot. 

become a travel blogger

Firstly, because there is more competition out there than you can imagine. Every second person wants to be a travel blogger, pack his bags, go out for some adventure and post a few blogs. But just posting a few blogs here and there is not going to make you a successful travel blogger. 

Every mountaineer wants to reach the top of Everest. But not everyone makes it to the top. 

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind if you want to be a successful travel blogger is to be persistent, have patience, give complete dedication and lastly do not take it just as a fun trip with your friends. 

Enough of warnings and precautions I guess, it is difficult but not impossible. So let’s just get down to business and learn some ways to become a successful travel blogger. 


Start a Travel Blog:

The obvious thing, to become a travel blogger is of course first have a platform, a blog where you can publish your stories. So, start it the right way from the very beginning. 
This is not something that you cannot do, especially with all the help available on the Internet now. Things that you will have to keep in mind are:

> Think of a creative travel blog name.
> Choose a hosting company.
> Pick up a blog theme
> Create your blogging website (or get it done by the experts).

2. Never stop reading and learning:

Yes, travelling is your passion and you love writing, but now that you have decided to become a travel blogger, you need to learn a few more things. And not just learn for once but keep learning. It is not a crash course that once done you get a degree and the next day you will be a successful travel blogger. 

In order to reach that peak, you need to consistently keep an eye on the ever-changing trends. You need to be updated about what is going in the marketing or what is trending (at least about your industry). You need to have some knowledge about SEO because that is how you will ensure that your blog is ranking on the first page.  

read books

Read a lot of books, all types of it. Marketing, travelling, fiction, history, biography everything. Read what the experts have to say, what they did, do what they did because it is tried and tested. Reading and to keep learning is always good. 

One – reading will increase your knowledge and you will be up to date with what’s going on. Two – reding also gives inspiration. If you can even pick one idea from each book, it is worth it.

3. Think Differently:

Like I said earlier, every second person wants to be and is a travel blogger. So what new you are doing? How are you different from the crowd? You have to exactly figure out this. And that is why I mentioned the 2nd point ‘Never stop reading and learning’. If you are regularly reading and following what other bloggers are writing, you will know what you do not have to do. And what different you should do. 

If every other blogger is writing sponsored content you don’t have to do that. Plus I think, there is not enough space to be real when you write sponsored content. Because you are writing for someone else and will write it the way they want it. Well, this is completely my personal thought. 

Anyways, if everyone is just sharing travel experience, you should add videos in your blogs, add an address, maps, locations, references, the best restaurant that you visited on your trip, the best dish you ate, some unique culture or practice about that place. Or anything that you think is different and that your readers will enjoy and feel connected to your story. 

4. Create your Niche:

You can’t be everything to everyone. There has to be a style or a format or some sort of pattern that you follow while writing your travel blogs. Just don’t go on writing about everything and anything related to travelling. 

Doesn’t matter if your blogs are narrow and focuses only on one thing. The thing that matters is, the topic you are focusing on should be unique, creative, hold something that others don’t have. I would suggest giving a personal touch to your writing because that is how the readers feel connected. They might not plan a trip to the place that you have recently been to and wrote a blog on. But they will still like to read your blog because they feel a personal connection with your writings. 

niche travel blog

A writer is only successful if while reading your content, the reader feels that, “Ohh!! This is exactly what I wanted to read. This is written just personally for me.”

Sticking to your niche and being consistent in your writing style is the way how you connect with your readers and followers. 

5. Build your network outside travel community:

The simple logic behind this tip is, in a travelling network, everyone travels, you are not doing anything extraordinary. But suppose you join a network of advocates or businessmen, or professors or anyone outside the travelling industry, you will be their travelling expert. 

You will be the one giving them tips and do’s and dont’s while travelling, You will be the one suggesting them places, planning trips for them, etc. In short, if it has anything to do with travelling, it will be you that they will trust and look up to. Once you meet people outside your niche and grow your network your fan following automatically increases, directly or indirectly. Some things that you should do to try and build your network are:

Guest Posting: publish your guest posts on other sites, this is how you will get noticed. Do not forget to add the link of your blogging website, driving the reader to your page at the end is the goal.

Get Featured: getting featured on big platforms is yet another way to do publicity, get famous and get the readers to follow your blog. 

Attend Events: there is a difference between expanding your online circle and actually meeting the people in person. Attend travel conferences, events, meets, press conferences, etc. Meeting somebody in person builds trust and gradually this trust builds collaboration and publicity. 

6. Social Media is equally important: 

Ok, I know I said there is a difference between meeting online and meeting in person. But that does not mean the online world is not important. Of course, it is more than important because being popular online is what is going to get you most of the name and fame. 

Being active in the online world means being active on social media platforms. Join and follow different travel groups, participate in discussions, show your presence. Be active in sharing groups where bloggers exchange content. To get yourself noticed, leave genuine comments, react to something that is interesting.

importance of social media

Be regular on all your social account. Whenever you have a new blog or anything new to share make sure you do it on all the platforms. Keep an eye on the trending hashtags and use them. Post interesting photos, videos, posts, blogs, everything that you think is of your style and related to travelling. I am sure you all must be knowing this, still sharing the small input.

> Instagram & Pinterest: Best to share photos and pics.
> Twitter: Best to participate in trending discussions and share your thoughts.
> YouTube: Best to post videos.
> Facebook: It is best to keep your FB account full of variety. Post promotional content, photos, questionnaires, live videos, etc.

7. Just be YOU:

Being a travel blogger means you like travelling and writing. Basically you see and write and share that you like. So, it has to be totally of the taste that you like. It should be exactly the way YOU are.

People will read your blogs, firstly, of course, because they want to read about the places that you write. But the other reason and probably a prominent reason they will come back to your blogging page is because they like the way you write. 

Like I said earlier, giving a personal touch to your writing always earns you more readers as they personally feel connected with it. For instance, you have just returned from a month-long trip covering 5 countries and you write all about it. So in one blog you write, “I just got back from Paris and it was an amazing experience,” and you pen down your heart about all your experiences and stories. 

Not every reader will want to go to Paris and not every reader is reading your blog because of all the minute details and information that you have shared about Paris. They will read it to enjoy your story, feel connected with you and imagine that it was not you, but them that have just returned from a visit to Paris. 

So, it is all about how authentic, genuine, unique, creative and ‘YOU’, you are in your writing. And how connected your readers feel to your blogs. The more connected they are, the more famous you become. 

8. Be Persistent:

You will not get success overnight. You have to be patient. There will be times when you want to give up and think that you will never make it. But that is the time to need to hold yourself and stand strong. 

Since there is a lot of competition in the market, it is not easy to become a successful travel blogger. And definitely it will not be served to you in a silver plate. You will have to pave your own path, no matter how difficult it is and put in all the hard work that you can. You need to be persistent in your posting. Rigorously publishing 5 times in a week for few weeks and just disappearing into thin air for months at a stretch will not work.


If you lose consistency, you lose readers. Do not have high hopes and expectations at the very beginning, do not rush for results. Focus on your niche and work on something that will last for long. No one is perfect and don’t expect yourself to be too. It is ok to make mistakes and divert from your path sometimes. But this does not mean you give up. 

You keep your blogs persistent, no matter what. Even if for the beginning you only have 10 followers. Many times the reason for your failure is not bad quality content, but the reason that you give up too soon. Becoming a successful travel blogger is time-consuming. You will have to put in a lot of hard work, be patient and you will reach your goal. 

9. Invest in your Blog:

Yes, I know you think this is not important. I thought the same at the beginning. But trust me it does help. Money spent smartly is not an expenditure, but an investment. You need not necessarily spend millions at the very beginning. Start with a small amount on what is most important and gradually find your way up. 

The travel blog is your business and your mode of income, so you need to treat it like one. Spend money on improving your website, hire an SEO expert (obviously, you want to rank on the 1st page). Invest in boosting posts on social media, keyword research programs. 

Don’t take it as a pressure, just think of it as an investment that is going to get back high ROI (return on investment).

These were 9 ways to become a successful travel blogger. I am sure all of you reading this want to be one or at least thought of becoming one at some point of time. Well, it is never too late for anything. Pack your bags, get on the roads, start writing your stories and rest this article will help you achieve. 

If you wish to learn more about blogging or content marketing and how to earn money in this profession, visit DigiHunts Academy and have a look at all the courses that we have to offer. 

Do not forget to share your travelling experiences with us in the comment box below.

Happy Travelling and Writing..!!

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