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8 Best Digital Marketers of Jaipur



15 2020

As more and more people are spending their maximum time on the internet, to acquire digital marketing knowledge, to get something valuable, and to root their footprints in this industry. 
Furthermore, To make our experiments more successful, to make our zeal of learning external, let’s thanks to the great leaders of digital marketing, who have let us shape our career in digital marketing. 

Their influence is all around. But who are they?

Here are the top digital marketers of Jaipur, in no particular order. 

  1. Prakash Mishra
Prakash Mishra Drive Digital


Founder & CEO of- Drive Digital 

A successful entrepreneur and a Google Certified Digital Marketer, who is widely training entrepreneurs and passionate digital marketers across the globe. 

Being a Graduate in Mathematics, today Mr. Prakash Mishra has become an inspiration for not only mathematics lovers but also has become no 1 choice for youth who have a strong zeal to learn digital marketing with right fundas.

Mr. Prakash Mishra is the founder of  Jaipur based company “Drive Digital”. And a Google partner trainer, who has transformed many businesses with his ideal digital marketing strategies. 

Why he is in this list?

Be, It’s a matter of SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing or PPC Campaigns, Mr. Prakash Mishra is an allrounder in all these marketing tactics.

Has worked with over more than 500+ Entrepreneurs, NGOs, Corporates, and Startups. With 10+ years of experience and 333k Social Posts, Prakash Mishra is considered by many the king of Digital Marketing and a major YouTube Influencer. 

2. Parmveer Singh Sandhu 

Parmveer Singh Sandhu


Parmveer Singh Sandhu is the founder of well known digital marketing institute- “QUIBUS”

With 8+ years of experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist to date, Mr. Parmveer Singh Sandhu has trained more than 600+ successful trainees. 

He has vast experience in setting up blogs, building brand strategies and setting up professional Youtube channels. 

Why he is in this list?

Being the head of “ QUIBUS” he has trained more than 600+ trainees since its inception. 

He has many followers on social media platforms and today Parmveer Sigh Sandhu has become an inspiration for Youth who wants to learn Digital Marketing. 

3. Rahul Chandani 


With more than 12+ years of experience, AR Infotech is spontaneously providing one of the best digital marketing services. 

Being a passionate marketer Mr. Rahul Chandanu has worked over more than 50+ websites. Mr. Rahul Chandani believes in providing customer-oriented solutions to its clients. 

The initial of this industry began with offering consulting and marketing services to the people and slowly this passion has turned into a passionate Digital Marketer.

Why he is in this list?

Mr. Rahul Chandani has a great fan following on Facebook and to date has achieved more than enough in this industry. 

Apart from his involvement in growing startups, Chandani is a startup growth expert and a true top marketer, who has today entitled under top digital marketers of Jaipur.

4. Abhay Ranjan 


A digital dreamer, with 11M+ content hits. With more than 102,600 social followers and 350 projects. He is among one of the most viewed content creators of Rajasthan. 

Abhay Ranjan is a passionate blogger, speaker, Influencer and Youtuber based at Jaipur. He has 5+ years of experience in digital marketing, during the time span of 5 years journey till date he has trained 200+ trainee in the field of digital marketing.

Why he is in this list?

An inspiration for youth, he has tasted success at a quite early age, Apart from being a Digital Marketer, Influencer, Trainer and Motivational Speaker, Abhay Ranjan has trained more than 200+ trainees. 

And has a huge fan following on Social Media, currently he is managing multiple ventures such as SEOCompanyJaipur, Digicite and ExamScale.  

5. Amit Dadhich 

Amit Dadhich top digital marketers of Jaipur


A passionate blogger who turned a renowned digital marketer and founder of “All Adwords”.

During his career in Digital Marketing, Mr. Amit Dadhich has worked with both national and International brands From Amazon to KrazyBee. 

He has played many roles while working in the Digital Marketing Industry and have tested almost every Digital Marketing Strategy. 

Currently, he is working with IODED- Institute of Digital Education and Development as a Digital Marketer Trainer.

Why he is in this list?

Amit Dadhich is the true inspiration for many young entrepreneurs, at a very young age he founded lot many startups and he is actively involved in Digitechniks. 

To date, he has consulted more than 50 startups and businesses and given the desired results. 

6. Gaurav Sharma 


A JECRC graduate who has started his digital marketing journey late in 2014, is today among one of the sought top digital marketers of Jaipur, yes the founder and CEO of “Attrock” Mr. Gaurav Sharma.

After his graduation, he finds himself inclined towards digital marketing and since then he wrote many articles on Digital Marketing.

As a certified Google Analytics and Adwords specialist, he regularly contributes to reputable publications like HuffPost, TechCrunch,

7. Mridul Kabra

top digital marketers of Jaipur


A graduate from MNIT Jaipur, Mridul Kabra started his career 6 years back and at present, he is the founder of Quadriga ( a Jaipur based company).

During his entire career he has worked on 300+ websites and mobile apps, he has also been featured on Wikipedia. 

Mridul Kabra started his Digital Marketing journey during his college days and to date, he has trained 1500+ students. 

Why he is in this list?

Mridul Kabra has worked as a consultant for more than 100+ companies and helped a lot many individuals in achieving their Online Marketing/ Sales goals. 

He has also been invited to speak at a TEDx talk. After 4 years of training offline, Mr. Mridul Kabra is now dedicatedly involved in developing “Udemy” courses.  

8. Lav Bharadwaj 

top digital marketers of Jaipur


Founder of Hicentrik, a Jaipur based company, who dreams about branding before a crazy idea wakes him up & the one who carries a bag full of ideas that work.

A Graduate in MBA with Marketing Specialization and have rigorous work experience in diverse industries such as Finance, Education, Industrial Equipment. 

He has vast experience in dealing with businesses from India, Africa & Middle East. 

Why he is in this list?

Being Hicentrik “Chief Idea Centrik” Lav Bharadwaj is a passionate Digital Marketer who believes that in a dynamic and competitive business digital marketing tools and human intelligence can make a huge impact when blending together.

He has a cluster of fans following base on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Digital Marketing is a rapidly emerging and evolving field across the globe and thus it’s very crucial for us to pay thanks of gratitude to the leaders/ top digital marketers of Jaipur who have made this platform so famous.

With their thorough guidance, today we are able to showcase our skills, can discuss our exposure at the next level.

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