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7 Advantages of Google Maps Business View for your Company



18 2020

Since everything is digital these days, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a digital directory? Remember the days when you looked up the directory to search someone’s contact number. But those were the times when even the directory would provide only contact numbers. No address and having a map was far from imagination. 

But today, thanks to technology and the growing fever of everything being digital, anything and everything is possible. You just think of it and there it is right on your screen. 

The virtual world has become more important than the real world today. There are many businesses that are flourishing digitally, without having a brick and mortar store. But then again, there are also many businesses that have physical outlets. 

And for them, the digital directory that I am going to explain further is literally a boon. Everyone knows that surviving online is far tougher than the real world. And your success totally depends upon, where you rank on the SERP’s. Well, there are many parameters to get to the first page. 

But today I am going to talk about one in particular. Google Maps for businesses. 

Google is the giant out there and I don’t need to explain myself on this. So, for the time being, we focus on the SERP of Google. Apart from other techniques, Google Maps play an important role to help you land on the first page. 

Now, when I talk about maps, it is not just about providing directions. The benefits of Google Maps go way beyond that. Yes, I know many of you are having that surprised look on your face. What more can a map do other than showing directions, is all that you are thinking? 

Google Maps offers a plethora of advantages and in this article, I am going to tell you the…

7 Advantages of Google Maps Business View For Your Company

Coming back to my digital directory point, Google maps is your directory in the digital world. Where you can feed in all your information like your contact details, address, phone numbers, map directions, photos, videos, etc.

google my business

What more? 

With the help of Google Maps, you can literally give a virtual tour of your company, with a street view. And guess what, this is just the beginning. Google Maps has a lot more than this to offer. The more you get into it, the more advantages and features you discover. 

Keep reading and I am going dig out all the treasure for you. 

The digital generation is smart. Before visiting any store to buy any product or avail any service, they look for it on Google. And mostly, they are looking for places that fall into their vicinity, which are easy to access. And here comes in the role of Google Maps. 

For instance, you are looking for a restaurant nearby. You browse for it on Google. Now on the first page, you see a few options, with name, website, contact details, etc. And you see one restaurant, that shows you the map directions, photos, videos, gives you a virtual tour and also shows the reviews of other customers.

Which would you prefer to go to? Of course the later one. 

Let us have a look at 

How Google Maps Business View Can Be Beneficial For Your Company?

When you are dealing in the digital as well as the real world, the sidewalk signs are not enough to lure the customers to your outlet. If you want the customers to come to you, you will have to tell them, why and how to come to you.

Before we dig in any deeper, let us quickly have a look at these numbers:

– According to the numbers Google Maps have around 67% of loyal smartphone users who use the app regularly.

– Google Maps dominates the navigation sector and is on number 1 when it comes to providing directions. 

– According to Google, 3 billion users browse for hotels nearby and 1 million users search for a clothing store. And the majority of them visit the store on the same day.

– If you introduce Google Maps marketing in your business strategy the website visitors are likely to increase by 67% and click to call can see a hike of around 85%.

Numbers don’t lie and I am sure you are eager to know all the advantages of using Google Maps for your company. So let us get down to business. 

1. It Is Free:
Who does not like the word ‘FREE’? I am sure everyone does. And you love the free thing even more if it is cutting down on your marketing expenses. You do not worry about the investment and focus only on the ROI it is going to get you. 

google my business is absolutely free

Google Maps is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that give an upward push to your online ranking. Since there is a mammoth of competition in the digital world, just having a Google listing is not enough. If you have to beat the others you need to have all the information in detail and without Google Maps, it is incomplete. 

So, this free tool, not only increases your visibility but also improves your ranking.

2. It Builds Trust:
When the viewers look for your store and find Google Maps details there, they find you genuine. Like I said earlier, the digital generation is very smart and their decision is driven visually. 

So, only telling about your company is not enough for them. You will have to show it to them if you wish to gain their trust. Before setting a foot in your store, they will want to visit it virtually. They will come, only once they are virtually convinced. 

Having Google Maps in your listing builds trust. Whatever they read or know about your store, can be verified by the photos, videos and virtual tour you give them with the Google Maps. 

Taking it a step further, another Google Map feature that is beneficial for you is the street view. With the help of this feature that shows the street view of your location, the user is more confident about visiting your store. 

The more trust you build, the higher, the customers you have at your store.

3. Ensures Higher Search Visibility:
By having Google Maps, you are enabling better search visibility. The potential customers looking for your store can also have access to other information about your company when they click the Google Map link. 

maps for search visibility

Google Maps also ensures higher search visibility for your other branches or outlets on the same page. It is easier for customers to reach your location because Google Maps provides precise directions. Customers are very likely to visit your store, with all the information about you rather than going to an outlet which is hard to locate. 

Since it becomes very convenient for the customers, the visibility increase and also it enhances your marketing. 

4. Research For Customers Becomes Easy:
When viewers are looking for something on the Internet, they want instant results. If they click on a link, that redirects them to several other links before providing them with the information they want, they get frustrated. 

It just takes a few seconds for a viewer to decide if they want to stick to your link or hop on to the other. But, Google Maps makes it very easy for the viewers to get all the information about you in one place. 

All the details are just a click away with Google Maps. When they click on your link, they can instantly see the business atmosphere of your company, what your store looks like, is it genuine, how is the nearby locality, etc. 

When you make things so much easier for the customers, they like it and know that you care about their comfort. 

5. Useful At Both Local And Global Level:
Google Maps are no doubt the best way to locate a local business. But this does not mean you are loosing away on the global market. 

Having a Google Map in your listing will improve your ranking. Once you start landing on the first page, your local, as well as global visibility, automatically increases. All the useful information that a viewer can know about your business with the help of Google Maps are:

Description of what product or services you provide.

What are your working hours and days? With this information given a customer is not disappointed to see the doors close if they visit in nonworking hours or days. 

Call now button, makes it easier for the customer to get in touch with you. 

You can also list down your busy hours so that the customer plans accordingly to visit your store.

Photos, videos, virtual tours, street views are definitely an added advantage.

And of course, the directions to reach the exact location without having been lost in several lanes before they find your address. 

6. Acts As Another Advertising Channel:
Google Maps also act as an additional advertising platform and that too you have to put in minimal efforts. You do not have to worry if your location is changed or you have some updates about your business to share with the customers. All you have to do is update the information on Google Maps and all is done. 

advertise using gmb

Keeping in mind the fierce competition in the digital market, every added channel that helps in marketing and advertising that too with minimal effort and cost, is an advantage. And it also improves your ranking. 

The more places you are visible and active at, the higher the chances of Google finding you genuine and giving you a place on the first page. 

7. Increases Access To Target Audience:
If your business is not present on Google Maps, chance are you have already lost half of your potential customers. Though mentioned it quite a few times yet again pointing it out. The decisions for most customers are visually driven. 

If they don’t find the relevant information about you, you do not even exist for them. But having Google Maps ensure that your target customer is getting what he is looking for. Google Maps works best for local business and there your target audience will also be local. 

If they find you on Google Maps, finding your brick and mortar store will not be very difficult for them. Having Google Maps makes it easier for the target audience in the following way:

They can see your business listing immediately, with all the information like contact details and direction.

– Google Maps results are generally higher in ranking compared to others, so your visibility increases. 

Though the competition is getting tougher in the digital world, technology is changing the way a business works and reach the sky. Better late than never. If you have still not seriously given a thought of including Google Maps in your marketing strategy, now is the time. 

Make the most of this technology and take your business to another level. Once you implement Google Maps in your strategies, you will realize you were missing out on an important tool until now. Follow the trends and get your business upgrade by having a digital directory.

Google gave a gift to Google Maps on its 15th birthday this February by upgrading the app and adding six new tabs. So Google Maps now has a new logo and an upgraded version with many more features. To read more about it, visit DigiHunts Academy News section.

If you wish to learn more about how to do GMB listing and using Google Maps business view for your company, have a look at all the services we offer at Drive Digital.

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