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5 Social Media Marketing Certification You Must Have



24 2019

Which are the top 5 Social Media Marketing Certification?

Are you looking to set yourself apart in social media marketing? 

If, Yes, stay tuned with us till the end!

Before we start, let’s dig out the astonishing freaky facts about social media marketing popularity. 

Over recent years, social media marketing certifications has become an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

Whether it’s a matter of Lead Generation 
Whether it’s a matter of Brand Building, OR
Whether it’s a matter of Audience Engagement 

Under above-listed circumstances, all you need is a strong push from Social Media. And that’s too in a –

The right direction
With the right audience 
And in the right way

Today every component of marketing requires top-notch social media marketing skills to turn a specific product into BRAND.

Think Again!

More surprisingly, online ads are making more than half of all advertising dollars, and this makes social media marketing more essential than ever. 

Beyond all of these, if you have to stay competitive in a constantly evolving field it’s very crucial for you to have a solid understanding of social media marketing to further execute successful advertising campaigns.

Now you have sensed why Social Media Marketing skills are important to become a successful social marketer?

Let’s quickly discuss what are the top social media marketing certifications that can make yourself a leading Social Media Marketer.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint
Facebook Blueprint

Today facebook has emerged as one of the biggest social media platforms.

And it is one of the most effective social media channels to advertise your products and services.

So, when it comes, to run a social media campaign, or social media advertising employers highly value those who know back end of Facebook.

And have proven their social marketing skills by earning Social Media Marketing Certifications. 

Facebook Blueprint generally offers two certifications.

  • Certified Planning Professional &
  • Buying Professional Certification 

Both of these Social Media Marketing Certifications are meant for social marketers who manage Facebook business pages and develop advertising campaigns.

Blueprint Certification from Facebook is formally accepted across digital marketing Industry.

Social Media recruiters highly value those who know Facebook advertising and business pages fundamentals.

Many Digital Marketing Training Institute runs a short program to deliver training on how to earn these certifications. 

SEMRUSH Marketing

SEMRUSH Certification
SEMRUSH Certification

It’s another great platform to take your social media marketing skills to the next level.

SEMRUSH course modules will make you a certified digital marketer, which will be proof of SMM (Social Media Marketing) mastery.

Moreover, SMM toolkit is a great way to expand your social media skills right from social media experts.

During the course tenure, you will be tested on –

  • How to develop a strong social media strategy & 
  • How to evaluate your content performance across various channels. 

After earning social media marketing certifications you will be able to showcase your skills at your workplace and execute your learning with a verified social media marketing certifications.

HubSpot Academy

Hubspot Academy
Hubspot Academy

Hubspot academy offers a wide range of courses from Inbound Marketing to social media strategy. 

It’s the right platform for those who are very keen in learning latest social media tricks.

General Courses offered by Hubspot academy –

  • Twitter Strategy Course
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Marketing Course.

All of these courses are being served under a single platform.

Twitter Flight School

Twitter Flight School
Twitter Flight School

It gives you a chance to stand out in social media marketing as a certified Twitter Flight School Professional.

For those who are looking to make a good impression over the 300 million of Twitter Users, it’s a golden opportunity to distinguish yourself?

Master your skills with Twitter Flight School and earn a verified Social Media Marketing Certification.

The short module of this certification program will teach you all the fundamentals of Twitter such as –

How do Twitter works? And
How it is used to engage with customers?

Many Digital Marketing Training Institute includes such highly recommended courses under their integral part of the training.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning

Have you heard of “The 5 E’s of a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy”?

If you are like most people and ordinarily performing marketing, I am sure, you are unsure of exactly what to do with it and how to make the best use of it. ‘

Over more than 80% of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn Marketing.

79% of B2B Marketers believe LinkedIn is very effective in generating leads.

and even 90% of top-performing salespeople use LinkedIn under their sales strategy.

Now you are thinking…How can I access LinkedIn training courses to sharpen my social skills?

LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of courses direct from social media experts.

This course catalogue will help you to find some unique courses to develop more specialized skills and to show up your LinkedIn social skills being possessive with Social Media Marketing Certifications.

This expert leading program is a great option for you if you are looking for flexible and self-learning on a wide range of topics.


All your knowledge, creativity, formats, measurement tools, audience demographics won’t help you until and unless your content is lacklustre.

Minimising the ads gap with outstanding content is one of the most sought social media trends in 2019.

All these core skills could be gained by accessing the above mentioned social media marketing platforms.

Social Media Marketing Certification is the way to prove employers and clients that you are a perfect fit for their projects.

You may also earn these certificates at once while learning Digital Marketing with DigiHunt Academy.

DigiHunt Academy is a fully committed social media and Digital Marketing learning platform to develop your core social media marketing skills.

Good Luck!

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