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10 Digital Marketing Certifications You Must Earn



27 2019

Digital Marketing is one of the hottest career sectors today. According to some of the top bureau agencies, it going to be the top market in the coming years.

And if you want to sustain in this field, you really have to work on your Digital Marketing Skills.

For professionals who are looking to make their career in Digital Marketing, having certifications of some of the well-known courses will help them to be one step ahead than others.

So are you ready to keep yourself up to date with the latest Digital Marketing trends and build your own aura?

Moreover, Digital Marketing Certifications will give you a competitive edge over others. 

To guide you to earn the top-notch demanding certifications available online, We have compiled a complete list of certifications in digital marketing which will add credibility in your digital marketing career.

Which are 10 best Digital Marketing Certification You Must Earn?

Google Adwords Certification

Google Adwords Certification

This is one of the widely sought certifications, Google Adword Certification could be achieved by passing a two-phase AdWords certification exam.

Though Google recommends having hands-on experience before appearing in the exam, it is not necessarily required. 

With the help of Google AdWords Learning materials, you can easily pass the exam.

This exam basically include AdWord Fundamentals and one search exam on one of the following topics-

  • Display Advertising 
  • Search Advertising 
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising

More interestingly, If you fail to pass the exam in the first attempt, you may reappear for this exam, after a gap of seven days.

Google Digital Unlocked Course Certification

Google Digital Unlocked Course Certification

This course is meant to boost the basics of digital marketing. If you don’t have this certification, it’s high time to grab it now.
You can easily get digital marketing certification by Google, all you need to do is sign up for the “Google Digital Unlocked Course” and then start attempting the assessment.

Under this course, your knowledge will be assessed, it usually comprises a total of 24 modules. 

Google Analytics Certification Exam

Google Analytics Certification

Today, Google Analytics is one of the widely used tools, to measure the growth of the website, website traffic, leads and all. 

With the age of Digital Marketing, it has become an essential tool for marketers to use their Digital Marketing toolkit, but becoming an expert can be overwhelming.

How to become google analytics certified?

In order to become a Google Analytics Certified, all you need to do is appear for this exam and after attaining more than 80% of marks you will be professionally termed as “Google Analytics Certified”.

In case If you fail to clear the exam in the first attempt, you may reappear for the same after seven days, but make sure not to repeat the same over and over, you may be temporarily debarred for long.

Once you become Google Analytics Certified, you will become effective in utilizing Google Analytics within your workplace.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

When it comes to marketing “Content is king”, and today in the marketing field it is one of the topmost needed skills.

Additionally, Content is the core pillar of an effective digital marketing strategy. 

So becoming a HubSpot content marketing is a good thing to do, for your profession as well as for your career.

How do I get my HubSpot certificate?

You can easily acquire HubSpot Certification, in three and a half months. 

To start with Just attempt the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Course.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Another great way to get HubSpot Certification is HubSpot Academy, it offers a wide range of free training certifications to help you to become a better digital marketer.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification – It will offer you an opportunity to understand inbound marketing practices and a “Certification”.

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification 

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification 

This is another great opportunity to master your social media skills. It offers a variety of social media marketing training courses ranging from intro to advanced level courses.

It generally comprised of 15 lessons and a few assessments. Once you pass the 60 questions assessment, your certification will never expire. 

For more advanced social media training, you may join Newhouse School at Syracuse University, which is a partner of Hootsuite.

Facebook Ad Certification

Facebook Ad Certification

If you want to learn the latest tactics of marketing there is none another effective way than Facebook Advertising.

Facebook’s Blueprint Certification Course is among widely searched Digital Marketing Certifications Online and an advanced level proficiency course.

This program offers two certifications, and you can effortlessly learn facebook advertising. 

  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional and 
  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

These certification courses are for those who want to manage Facebook Pages and Facebook Advertising. 

YouTube Certification

YouTube Certification

After Google, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. 

If you want to become a certified YouTuber, this course is perfect for you.

This certification course is valid for 18 months from the date you pass the exam. 

Twitter Flight School Certification

Twitter Flight School Certification

If you a twitter manic, and want to level up your expertise, this is the right certification course for you.

This course doesn’t require previous experience with Twitter Ads Manager. It’s the perfect place to start regardless of digital experience.  

Copyblogger Content Marketer Certification

Copyblogger Content Marketer Certification

This is another Digital Marketing Certification course to boost your credibility. 

This course is a part of the Copyblogger Authority Membership. It’s an advanced content marketing training program to accelerate your content marketing skills.

Don’t fall behind on your digital marketing skills. DigiHunt Academy is a top-notch Digital Marketing Coaching Institute, it offers a wide range of Certified Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

To keep yourself up to with the digital marketing trends, it’s very important to keep learning and enhancing your digital marketing skills. 

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