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10 common social media marketing mistakes



22 2019

Are you tired of Social Media Spam traffic? Well nowadays this is quite natural, Facebook bots are getting too smart to identify the differences.

On the contrary, social media, if done in the right way has a huge potential to build your brand identity. But what if, when it not used wisely?

Everybody commits mistakes, and social media marketers are no different. But not improving on your Social Media Marketing Mistakes, will drop your followers along with your revenue stream.

And this could ruin your hard work within a second – primary reason is following the crowd, without even knowing your actual target audience. Most of us share some of the content here and there and try to attract followers. Without even taking a count on these questions-

Am I using the right platform?

Am, I sharing the right content?

Am I providing the actual value?

Am I building the trust value?

Answers of these questions will automatically drive you on – how to deal with a social media crisis.

No doubt these questions have clicked your mind previously as well? But you failed to win the social media crisis, well to get better ROI next time, let’s understand what are the 10Common Social Media Mistakes-

1) Not paying heed on Social Media Strategy

not paying heed on social media strategy

Most of the businesses, execute the social media activities without a solid social media marketing strategy, which in return leave them in a lurch.

So before engaging with any social media promotional activities, be specific with your-

Target Audience
Investment of Time

Being strictly adhere to above-mentioned elements should be your first priority since social media suck lots of your productive hours and could deoptimize your work, if not done properly.

So in order to optimize the results, you need to come up with a solid strategy.

2) Posting Repulsive Content

Remember your creative’s are going to share on the social media platform, where the audience gets fast engagement with humour, fashion, and latest trends, to add the taste try something catchy.

Your business might not be relevant to the above-specified industry, but adding a flavour of the latest trend would definitely help you to stand out.

3) Be Active on All Social Media Platforms

be active on all social media platform

When it comes to social media promotions, we quickly make our business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LikedIn, Reddit, tumbler and many more but fail to maintain all these accounts?

Well, the decision to spread your business on popular accounts is not bad, but to be a bit selective is necessary which will help you in identifying what not to do on social media for business.

This will help you to focus more on those platforms where your engagement is high and eventually increase your ROI.

4) Treating all social media platforms equal

Addressing the audience with the same tone is not worthy as like cultural differences, social media platforms are also diversified.

What works on Facebook might not work on Twitter, social media has its own customs, and audience. Thus to maximize your efforts it’s very important to learn how people are communicating on social platforms and act accordingly.

5) Multiple Profiles on one Social Site

The trend of making multiple profiles linked to main profile never fades out, which latter on badly impact on your followers.

Coming up with multiple profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram confuses your followers.

Moreover, it actually wastes time and other resources. Better would be work precisely in one direction and broaden your reach with the right followers.

6) Not listening to Your Audience

not listnening to your social media audience

Like your consistency towards posts, the same thing should apply for the audience as well. Pay attention to your audience, listen to them and act accordingly.

Mostly you have seen people discussing online brands, but actually, they find themselves distract to the same brands on social sites

In a nutshell, to spread your business look beyond your feeds, stay tuned with chatterboxes, notifications and all.

7) Not Optimizing for Social Network

Utilizing social media platforms at the widest range, is a good move, even most of you succeed in it.

However, a common mistake that most business owners commit is to re-share the same post again and again on social media platforms.

This lazy act will eventually drop your followers: Your audience is unique, they love to hear dynamic feeds, moreover, no one comes on social media for homogeneous feeds.

So make sure to shift your focus on providing valuable posts, which will eventually help you to work out well on social sites.

8) Not Offering Real Value

Pushing your brand without providing real value is another mistake for social site owners.

Like building brand awareness, dying to gain insight to get a certain amount of followers – intended not to buy.

Well to cover up such things create content- based on infographics, blog posts, videos that purely focused to answer your audience. Content that evokes emotions, the reaction tends to stay better when it comes to building trust.

9) Not Tracking Analytics

not tracking social media analytics

Another disastrous mistake is not tracking analytics on frequent intervals. We generally forget to track Facebook Pixels, when we are running a paid campaign to boost our post and forget to concentrate on actual conversions.

Making efficient use of Facebook analytics, actually, help you to define social KPI’s demographic and engagement factors.

Thus to get the best, keep a track of your fans reactions, how they interact with your posts, are your post engaging enough etc.

10) Not Measuring Actual KPIs

While measuring the (KPIs) most of the social site owners primarily focuses on metrics. They emphasise on the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter and if the number of followers grows- they are happy.

And with this happiness, they forget to focus on ROI, which in turn lead them in trouble. So next time take a wise decision while dealing with Social sites.


Neglecting above specified Social Media Marketing Flaws are imperative, to increase your reach and to influence ROI. If you find this blog helpful then don’t forget to share this at your social media. Let your friends informed with the latest updates.

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