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About us



To become the best platform for all those who want to learn anything and everything about Digital Marketing.

digihunts academy


To give a holistic approach for everyone interested in marking a foot place in the next biggest occupation – Digital Marketing.

digital marketing instituite in jaipur


To create nothing but all-rounder and multi-talented professionals, instilled with complete Digital Marketing knowledge.

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Who We Are

DigiHunts Academy is an institute set up with the earnest efforts of our learned digital marketers who aim at spreading the knowledge they’ve acquired with years of experience. The world we live in is moving towards a world completely digitized, and here at DigiHunts Academy, we create digital professionals, who will be groomed to face this world.

We believe that knowledge grows as much as it is shared, therefore, our experts teach the A-Z of digital marketing. We provide end numbers of courses for you to choose from.

And what’s more?  Our courses are not limited to beginners only but also for experts who wish to brush up or enhance their skills with digital marketing.

digital marketing course in jaipur
Experienced Trainers

The trainers at DigiHunts Academy are not just experts in their respective fields, but they have real time experience of gaining this expertise from the market.

  • Individual dedication
  • Amicable teachers
  • Real life experiences
Learning with case studies

We just don’t teach what is written in the books, we train using the experiences from the market. Bookish concepts do not have space here. We explain with best practical examples.

We Don't Differentiate

Everyone is our priority. DigiHunts Academy do not differentiate among students, advanced learners and professionals. We provide training at different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Advance
  • Professional